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Skills for working in a global environment

We live in a global society; where businesses operate across international borders; where colleagues and clients can come from any background. At Kingston University, we aim to prepare our students for entering this diverse, international environment through enhancing our curriculum to incorporate the core values of diversity and inclusion.

To meet this aim, the University's award-winning equality, diversity and inclusion unit has created three elements, through which it is working to embed equality, diversity and inclusion into the curriculum.

International perspective: The University believes its curricula should encourage the critical thinking of equality, diversity and inclusion, as this is a significant factor for success in the global business and work environment. For example:

  • International practices – learning how different countries approach business and services, and why this is important.
  • Cultural and socio-economic influence – developing local solutions using global knowledge.
  • International legislation – understanding the laws governing different communities around the world.

Students reflected in the curriculum: By championing inclusivity, the University aims to offer a wide range of curricula that represent the diversity of its students; providing a curriculum in which they can see themselves and of which they can feel a part.

Diversity skills for employment: The University aims to equip its students with the skills, knowledge and understanding to succeed in a diverse working environment. This includes, for example, communicating and collaborating with managers, colleagues and business partners from a range of backgrounds, as well as serving a varied customer base. Through developing these skills, students will have the ability to foster innovation and have competitive advantage.

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