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Validation of new fields

Forms and templates

Form C1
Panel nomination form 2016/17 (Word)
Form C2
Table of modules contributing to a field for module director 2016/17 (Word)
Form C3 Application for exemption or variant to RAF 2016/17 (Word)
Template C4
Programme specification 2016/17 (Word)
Template C5 Module descriptor template 2016/17 (Word)
Form C6
Faculty documentation check 2016/17 (Word)
Form C7 Low risk validation external scrutiny report 2016/17 (Word)
Form C8 Faculty conditions check 2016/17 (Word)
Form C9 Chair's approval of conditions 2016/17 (Word)
Form C10 Notification of faculty validation approval to AQS 2015/16 (Word)
Template C10
Module guide template for dissertations and research projects 16/17 (Word)
Template C11 Indicative module summative assessment map (Word)

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Guidance notes

Guidance CG (i)
Producing documentation for validation events 2016/17 (PDF)
Guidance CG (ii) Completing module descriptors and module guides 2016/17 (PDF)
Guidance CG (iii) Preparing the HEAR descriptor 2016/17 (PDF)
Guidance CG (iv) Validation documentary requirements matrix 2016/17 (PDF)
Guidance CG (v) Placement and work-based learning guidelines 2016/17 (PDF)
Guidance CG (vi) Validation criteria and checklist for Faculty and University panels 2016/17 (PDF)
Guidance CG (vii) Good practice for undertaking events by video-conference 2016/17 (PDF)
Guidance CG (viii) Writing Course Handbooks (Word)

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