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Lodgings rent and deposits

  • On accepting the accommodation, students will be required to pay a deposit – usually of one week's rent – for which a receipt will be provided.
  • If a student is unable to visit the accommodation in advance they should send written acceptance to the householder.
  • Rent should be paid weekly, one week in advance, and a receipt given to the student.
  • If either party wishes to terminate the arrangement, one full week's notice should be given from the day rent is normally due.
  • If a student leaves without giving due notice, one week's payment in lieu may be required.
  • If a householder decides to give notice to a student, it would be much appreciated if they would first contact us to discuss the matter.
  • Most students go home during the Christmas and Easter vacations; if a retainer is required, we would recommend a small charge of £30 per week.
  • Occasionally, students may be away from their lodgings during term time (if they are attending a field course or have a 'reading week' or semester break, for example). In these circumstances students are expected to pay full rent. It is left to the discretion of the householder whether or not to make any reductions.

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