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Our references come as a standard PDF form containing a basic confirmation of your studies; this is generally accepted by all external companies who can contact us via our email

Please be sure to include your date of birth, course of study and dates of attendance so we may promptly assist you.

If you require a more detailed academic reference please visit this page for more information. Please note that academic references can normally only be provided within 18 months from the time you have left your studies.

Frequently asked questions

I recently studied at Kingston University but did not complete my degree, can I still get a reference?

We send out confirmations of student's periods of study regardless of whether or not they have completed their degree.

It's been more than a decade since I studied at Kingston, would there be any records of my attendance there?

We hold awards records going back to the 80s and further. Whilst this information is more limited than our digital records dating from 2003 onwards we can still provide basic academic information. Please note that if you studied pre-2003 but you did not graduate from your course it is unlikely we will have any record of your attendance.

My company needs a physical certificate for their records, how do I obtain one?

Request a duplicate certificate and/or transcript.

I graduated more than 18 months ago, can I still obtain a reference?

Academic references cannot normally be provided beyond 18 months of the end of your studies, however, you are advised to contact your faculty to confirm whether or not it might be possible. If not, we will still be able to provide your basic academic information, ie start and end date and award achieved.

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