Special Computer Equipment

The 6 networked workstations all have a 19" TFT screen.

The TFT screens are attached to flexible monitor arms thus allowing you to adjust the height and distance to your requirement.

All workstations have scanners connected to them. These can be used with Kurzweil and Texthelp Read and Write applications.

The room has different types of keyboards. If people need a particular keyboard or mouse they can request one.

CCTV Magnifier

Smartview 8000 split screen CCTV magnifier viewer enables you to read printed material, and work on the computer at the same time

Portable Video Magnifiers

There are two types of portable video magnifiers designed for the benefit of low vision people:

  • Optelec Compact
  • Optelec Traveller

They can be obtained from the LRC desk. As they are small and portable, you can sit anywhere within the LRC and read books, magazines or newspapers.

Optelec Compact

This is a pocket-size video magnifier.Simply place it on a newspaper or magazine and the magnified image is displayed on the integrated screen

Image 0f optelec compact

Key benefits:

  • Up to 10x zoom
  • 4.3-inch full colour TFT widescreen display
  • Multiple viewing options
  • Integrated rechargeable batteries offering up to 2 hours of continuous use

Optelec Traveller

The unique features of the Traveller+ provide those with low vision the possibility to see things more clearly, even if an external power source is unavailable.

Simply position the Traveller over reading material, and the built-in screen will display text and images at a more comfortable size.

The powerful magnification of the Traveller can be used for writing as well as reading.

image of optelec traveller showing magnifiew handwriting  Image of optelec traveller showing magnified text

Key benefits:

  • Continuous zoom magnification: 4 to 16 times
  • 6.4-inch full colour TFT display
  • Multiple viewing options
  • Used for reading and writing
  • Integrated rechargeable batteries offering up to 2 hours of continuous use

Other facilities include:

  • All height adjustable desks
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Lamps for every workstation
  • Height adjustable book stands
  • Two telephones for any sort of help