ATR at Knights Park

Image of the interior of Kights Park Assistive Technology Room

Facilities for Disabled Students at Knights Park

There are two  workstations with 19" TFT screens  in the library.

Both workstations are networked so students have access to the central applications as well as the faculty-specific ones.

The TFT screens are attached to flexible monitor arms thus allowing you to adjust the height and distance to your requirement.

Both workstations have scanners attached, and can be used with Kurzweil or Texthelp Read and Write applications.

CCTV Magnifier- attached to one workstation is the Smartview 8000 split screen CCTV magnifier viewer. This  enables you to read printed material, and work on the computer at the same time.

Different keyboards are available on request.

In addition there is a range of specialist software packages designed specifically for users with disabilities including dyslexia.

Two such packages, Texthelp Read and Write and Inspiration, are also available on all the Information Services workstations.