Features of CCTV

Split Screen CCTV

Image of cctv split screen worksation

The Split Screen CCTV allows you to read printed material in a magnified format and work on your computer at the same time.

Although used mainly by the visually impaired students, this can be very useful to dyslexic students as well, especially the colour schemes.

Split Screen Feature

The CCTV is connected to a PC, thus allowing you to use both facilities.

Image of cctv split screen worksation

The split screen allows you to display CCTV images and computer images independently or simultaneously either vertically or horizontally. You can move through three different modes by just pressing a button, or the foot pedal:

  • CCTV screen only
  • Computer screen only
  • CCTV and Computer screens together

You can adjust the size of the screen areas for the Computer and CCTV screens when displayed together.

Smartview 8000 and Humanware MyReader2 Split Screen CCTVs
Both  the Smartview and theMmyReader have similar features.

An important difference between the two is the way the pages are read:

Smartview 8000
You have to move the book tray as you read the page and you read one page at a time.

An image of the page is taken and then the text is arranged on the screen in a readable format. You can store images of 10 pages and then read them together.

Magnification and Colours

When reading books, the auto focus system focuses the screen as you change the magnification level.

3x - 60x magnification range allows you to increase the size of the image or text up to 60 times its original size.

You can concentrate and focus on one line of text or one area of your screen at a time using adjustable vertical and horizontal line markers and blinds.

You can view reading material from one of sixteen coloured background / foreground combinations in the contrast best suited to your vision requirements. And you can view objects in brilliant full colour or in black and white.

Help in using the CCTV and contact information is available on the Help and Support webpage.