Dragon Naturally Speaking

With Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred 7, you can launch programs, create documents and reports, and manage your desktop--all by voice!

Dragon Naturally Speaking lets you talk to your computer instead of typing. As you speak, your words appear on-screen just as if you had typed them.
You can “talk” (dictate) into many programs such as Microsoft applications and e-mail.
You can work on the Web too. You can search the Web, access information, and navigate pages by speaking the URLs and links.

A Toolbar appears at the top of the screen when you start Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

This Toolbar is used for all commands and options.

image of dragon toolbar

Training a New User

Before you can start talking to the computer, you have to train the software to recognise your voice, accent and manner of talking.
The first time you start Dragon Naturally Speaking the program automatically starts the New User Wizard.

New User Wizard

This takes you through several steps so that the computer can recognise your voice and understand when you speak.

First you are asked to enter your name and create a user. This saves all your data. After the training, whenever you want to use the application just select your user name.

You are then prompted to check your microphone position, volume and sound quality.

graphic of person wearing headphones

You now have to start training Dragon NaturallySpeaking to recognise your voice by reading aloud for several minutes.
You read the text that appears on the screen. This will take a few minutes.
At the end of the Wizard you will be given a choice to train further if you want.


The initial training process takes about 10-15 minutes.
There is a tutorial under Help. This includes a number of lessons covering the basics of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Dragon NanturallySpeaking can analyse your writing style to increase your overall recognition accuracy.
It scans the following for appropriate words to use when building your vocabulary:

  • Documents in your My Documents directory. This includes Microsoft Word, text and rich text files (.rtf).
  • E-mail you have sent from Microsoft Outlook.

Start to Dictate

Once you have completed training, you are ready to start dictating:

  • Start an application like Microsoft Word.
  • Turn on the microphone.
  • Start talking.

Your dictation is instantly converted into text at speeds of up to 160 words per minute--about three times faster than typing.


You can dictate punctuation or let the program automatically add periods and commas at the appropriate places in your dictation.

Correcting Mistakes

Dragon NaturallySpeaking learns as you use it, thus improving the accuracy of recognising your voice.
When Dragon NaturallySpeaking types the wrong words, you should correct these mistakes in one of the several ways suggested, thus teaching the program not to make the same mistake again.

Playing Back Your Dictation

To make correcting mistakes easier, Dragon NaturallySpeaking records your voice as you dictate. You can play back the dictation when correcting the mistakes.
Playback commands work in DragonPad and Microsoft Word.
Your documents can also be read back to you in the most natural sounding synthesized voice available using RealSpeak Proofing.
Using the backspace key and retyping will not enable the software to learn from correction.
Correcting mistakes continues to improve the accuracy of the program.

Command Browser

Dragon NaturallySpeaking has several commands that you can use to perform your tasks.
To find which commands work in Dragon NaturallySpeaking you use the Command Browser.
There are global commands and application-specific commands.
Custom commands are commands that have been added to the built-in command set by you.

The Command Browser lets you:

  • View and train both global and application-specific commands.
  • Create and modify custom commands.
  • Change the availability of custom commands.
  • Import and export custom commands.

Examples of Commands

To access the online Help for Dragon NaturallySpeaking,

  • Say “Give Me Help”.

To have your dictation read back to you, move the cursor to the beginning of the dictation and,

  • Say “Play That Back”.

To replace “lunch on Tuesday” with “dinner on Wednesday”:

  • Say “Select lunch on Tuesday”. The words will be highlighted.
  • Say “dinner on Wednesday”. These words will replace the selected text.
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking 7 is the most accurate Dragon product released and users can achieve accuracy rates as high as 99%.
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking gets better the more you use it.

To get help in using Dragon NaturallySpeaking see the User Guides page.
For further information see the Help and Support page.