Kurzweil 1000

Kurzweil1000 is a reading tool that makes printed material accessible to people who are blind or have limited vision. It converts the printed word into speech.

Some features of Kurzweil 1000:

  • You can scan any written material and Kurzweil 1000 will read it aloud.
  • You can open and read almost any file on your computer that contains text.
  • You can download and read electronic material and books directly from the World Wide Web.

From within Kurzweil 1000, you can:

  • Create and edit documents using the word processing features of Kurzweil 1000.
  • Chose from several reading voices and set the reading speed.
  • Have access to an online dictionary.

Kurzweil 1000 and JAWS, the screen reading software:
Kurzweil 1000 is not a screen reader like JAWS. It does not read the contents of other applications on your computer.
It also will not help you make sense of the graphics, nor will it replace a full word processor.

There are two ways of using Kurzweil 1000: the Keypad and the Menus.

About the Keypad:

You can operate Kurzweil 1000 through the numeric keypad on the right-most side of the standard Windows keyboard that you are using at the moment.

The keypad has three main layers, allowing you to access the different features of Kurzweil 1000:

  • Reading
  • File Management
  • Settings

You can easily switch from one layer to another.

The first layer, Reading allows you to:

  • Scan
  • Read
  • Change the reading speed or volume
  • Access the dictionary and thesaurus.

The second layer, File Management allows you to:

  • Manage folders and files
  • Save files in different formats.

The third layer, Settings allows you to customise the Kurzweil 1000 environment. For example you can:

  • Change the reading voice
  • Change some scanning options
  • Access Basic Reading Functions

About the Menus:

The menu system is the second way you can work with Kurzweil 1000.
You can access all of the Kurzweil 1000 features and settings from menus by using a standard keyboard. The menu system provides auditory feedback.
It is important to note that many, but not all, menu features are available through the keypad.

To get help in using Kurzweil 1000 see the User Guides page.
For further information see the Help and Support page.