ZoomText is designed for the visually impaired.

This product version is the Magnifier/Screen Reader version, allowing you to see and hear everything on the computer screen.It can be used with any Windows program, for example, Microsoft Word, Excel, email or the Internet, or Read & Write and Inspiration.

Zoom Text User Interface

When you start ZoomText its user interface appears on the screen. This window contains all of the controls for operating ZoomText.

Features associated with magnification and reading are grouped into separate toolbars and dialogs. You can change from one toolbar to the other by clicking the Magnifier tab or the Reader tab on the user interface.

image of zoomtext toolbar

Range of Magnification Level

Zoomtext provides a wide range of magnification levels, allowing you to enlarge the view according to your needs. Magnification levels range from 1x to 16x.

image showing magnification levels  image showing magnification levels

Selecting a Zoom window

You can view the screen in different ways. ZoomText provides seven zoom window types. Each of these windows offers a unique way of viewing what’s on the screen.

This is an example of the Lens window type.
You can move the small Lens anywhere on the screen to see that part magnified. The lens shows the image at the magnification level you have chosen.

Image of the Lens window type

Other features of Zoomtext Magnifier

  • ZoomText’s windows can be sized and/or moved to occupy a different portion of the screen.
  • You can monitor one area of your application while simultaneously viewing and working in other areas.
  • You can change colours of the windows, choosing from preset colour schemes or configure your own custom colour settings.

Screen Reading

  • The Reader Toolbar provides quick access to ZoomText’s reading features:
  • You can turn speech on and off without disabling the magnification features.
  • You can adjust the speech rate, controlling how fast ZoomText speaks.
  • You can hear the keys and words that you type.
  • You can automatically read the text beneath the Mouse Pointer.
  • You can adjust the amount of information spoken about program controls when they become active or highlighted.
  • ZoomText allows you to read documents, web pages and email within the parent application (the view of the document does not change) or in a special environment where text is reformatted for easier viewing.

You can read selected areas of the screen by clicking or dragging with the mouse.

ZoomText Userguide

ZoomText Userguide can be found under User Guides.

ZoomText has Hotkeys and Command Keys that enable you to execute commands easily. These are listed in the Userguide along with information on how to use the different features.

You can also download the MS Word version of the ZoomText Userguide. This is in two formats:

  • Ariel , fontsize 14
  • Ariel , fontsize 16

For further information, to get help in using ZoomText and to request a different format if this does not meet your needs see Help and Support