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Developing Career Potential

Adam Cooke

Course: Business Management BA(Hons)
Graduate scheme: Calor Gas


What have you done to increase your employability?

I have taken part in lots of extra activities – both in partnership with the University and on my own. I volunteer with a local cricket club, coaching 8-18 year olds and I have been involved with some of the careers activity, including a leadership programme called 'frontrunner'. This course was great, as it really helped me to develop my leadership skills further, and made me realise that I wanted to lead projects.


What skills/experience did you want to gain from this activity?

Project management really appeals to me and I'm excited that this graduate role will give me the opportunity to tackle some big operational projects in a well-known organisation. I'm also keen to progress within the company, so hopefully that opportunity will be available too!


What is your unique selling point?

I am self-motivated and have lots of extra-curricular experience. I like to get involved in multiple activities and I think this gives me an edge over other candidates. I'm also very passionate – I believe in what I do and why I do it, and I think that's key to success.


Why did you choose this degree course?

I knew I always wanted to study something business-related, but never really explored all of the options. After applying to Surrey University, I unfortunately didn't get the grades to do the course I wanted. Kingston luckily offered me a place via clearing and I never looked back!

What have you gained from doing this course that will help you in your future career?

The course and being at university have given me loads to take away and develop. Kingston is great at providing a mixture of opportunities and it was important to me that I got involved in a variety of things. I also undertook an industrial placement at 3M as part of my course. This was brilliant as it allowed me to apply everything I learnt at Kingston into practise, to improve those skills and the chance to learn new ones.

Your future

What future plans do you have to increase your employability or get ahead?

I really want to take as many training opportunities as possible both in and out of work. I plan to continue my cricket coach volunteering and hope that opportunities for development will arise in my new role too!

Others' future

What advice would you give to others who are trying to increase their employability?

I would also advise anyone to get involved in extra activity - it's really important that you don't sit on your laurels - that you are proactive and find opportunities to take part in, as they will help when it comes to applying for graduate roles. If you put yourself out there, you can achieve whatever you want!

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