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Developing Career Potential

Chloe Turner

Course: Psychology BSc(Hons)
Graduate scheme: ERAC


What made you want to get involved in this activity?

For me, it was simple - I wanted a job and saw the benefits of applying this way as it missed out stages of the application process. I knew that this opportunity would be an invaluable was of putting me ahead of the game and ahead of the competition. I also knew that I would have extra support if I was to get involved.


How did you get involved? (Did you receive any help or encouragement?)

I heard about this opportunity through an email telling me how I could get a place on this brilliant graduate scheme through a reduced application process. I sent my CV through to the team and was selected for a pre-screen interview on campus. Quickly after, I was invited for an interview at the ERAC branch, followed by an assessment centre. This was the first assessment centre I had been to but thankfully I had attended an assessment centre prep session at the University which turned out to be extremely useful! The assessment centre was enjoyable but I found it stressful being watched all the time.

Was the activity directly related to what you want to do after university?

I originally wanted to go directly into HR but this scheme will give me the opportunity to improve my leadership skills, enabling me to then progress into HR in the future.


What is your unique selling point?

I have six years of sales and customer service experience as well as a degree course which has helped me to develop skills in understanding behaviour.


Why did you choose this degree course?

I studied psychology at A-level and really wanted to find out more! I have a specific interest in personality and I think this will really help me in a people-focused career.

Others' future

What advice would you give to others who are trying to increase their employability?

Getting experience is really important! I did an internship in HR to test the water and see if I liked it. I would also recommend going to the events on campus as they let you speak to people within the industry. If you haven't already, make sure you speak to them! They will help you stay on track and give you access to fantastic opportunities.

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