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Developing Career Potential

Leslie Viriri

Course: Business Management BA(Hons)
Internship: M3 Capital Partners


How did you find out about this opportunity?

I receive emails with jobs relevant to me. This job was sent to me directly and I was encouraged to apply. I received help through the placements office with my application as well as my interview technique, which also provided me with the confidence to go into my actual interview.

What are you doing?

At the moment I am doing an industrial placement at M3 Capital Partners as an account assistant.


Why did you choose this degree course?

I chose my degree because I knew I always wanted to study something business-related, but never really explored all of the options. I wanted to keep my experience broad and thought this course would allow me to look at lots of different specialisms.

Your future

What have you gained from doing this course that will help you in your future career?

This course has clarified that I really love finance and, after doing a mentoring scheme at BlackRock, this really has cemented the direction I want to follow.

Others' future

What advice would you give to others who are trying to increase their employability?

The advice I would give is to keep applying and not to give up. Start looking early. I left it late and was panicking! Try to get relevant experience related to your degree and show an interest in your sector! Employers don't just want to hear about your academic achievements – they want to know whether your personality will fit too.

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