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Developing Career Potential

Nazma Haque

Course: Business Studies BA(Hons)
Internship: McLaren Automotive


What have you done to increase your employability?

To help increase my employability, I undertook an internship at McLaren Automotive in the purchasing and finance departments. I was then offered a offered a position on a permanent part-time basis to work as a finance assistant at McLaren Automotive whilst at university (after a two month trial I however decided to resign as the final year required more time than I initially thought). At present I am working at Carphone Warehouse on a part-time basis, which is helping my customer service and general communication skills. Finally, I competed in the IBM University Business Challenge, making a profit in each round of the competition.

How did you get involved? (Did you receive any help or encouragement?)

I was assisted by the placement office in locating my placement and they supported me through each part of the process as well as providing me with interview practice. I found out about the IBM challenge through the university and competed with a group of like-minded friends.


What skills/experience did you want to gain from this activity?

I wanted to increase my numerical skills and improve upon my communication skills. I was able to develop my teamworking skills as I worked with a variety of different people, making it easier for me to adapt to environments I have never been in before.


What is your unique selling point?

My unique selling point is that I try my best in everything I do. I owned my own magazine at the age of 15, had an article written about my achievements in the Guardian and was awarded local hero of the borough of Westminster. I am currently on track for a first class degree classification and have one year work experience in industry, six years experience working part-time in a sales role and three years experience as an administrator. I am also able to communicate effectively and efficiently with a variety of people from different backgrounds, which has proved essential in the majority of the roles which I have been involved in.


Is your degree related to this activity and/or your desired career?

Yes, I am currently studying a Business Studies BA degree. It is quite a broad subject and so allows me to venture into different fields such as accounting, finance and project management.

Your future

What future plans do you have to increase your employability or get ahead?

I plan to undertake the PRINCE2 course and possibly do the CIMA or ACCA course, which will provide me with extra skills to go into the career I desire.

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