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Developing Career Potential

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Coming to university isn't just about getting a great academic award. University is an experience like no other and getting involved with all the great things that are offered is important on so many different levels.

All of these things will help to improve your employability skills, will help to broaden your experiences, and are a great way to impress potential employers.

Find out about getting involved:


Volunteering is a great mixture of helping others and helping yourself as well. As well as letting you do something for the community, meet new people and have a good time, volunteering can give your career a great kick-start. Employers are often looking for more than just a degree and graduates today need to develop skills that they can only get by going out there and getting some real experience. Volunteering opportunities can be long or short. You can also set up your own project.

Volunteering can help you by:

  • Giving you the chance to meet and network with like-minded people, both other students and members of the local community.
  • Improving your job prospects and employability.
  • Opening up new opportunities and challenges.
  • Giving you experience of what life in the charity (third) sector is like.
  • Providing you with a break from studying that you'll feel good about.
  • Allowing you to do something totally unrelated to your course and subject.


  • So, you want to go into marketing? Fundraise for a charity.
  • You want to be an events manager? Run your own project in the community.
  • You want to be a teacher? Provide classroom support in a local school.
  • You want to be a director? Set up drama workshops or performances in community groups or schools.
  • Want to work in technology? Work on setting up an IT system in a charity.

Further information

Erasmus exchanges

Working or studying abroad can be a great experience, as well as an opportunity to boost your employability. You'll get a chance to travel to new places, integrate into a different culture and community as well as develop language skills and much more.

There are more than 100 university partnerships worldwide for the study abroad programme and the possibilities are endless for the work abroad programme.

Kingston University students can visit the My Kingston Staffspace document intranet site (KU login required) for more information about studying or working abroad.

Being a course reps

Being a course representative involves representing others and being that vital connection between your peers and the staff who teach and administer your course. However accepting this important role can also really help you in developing those key employability skills that we know employers look for.

Whilst playing your part in board meetings and forums you will develop your communication skills at a range of different levels whilst honing your ability to adapt to different environments and settings. Your time management skills will improve as you learn how to balance your studies and the fun things at university with the role as a course representative. Amongst a whole variety of other employability skills you will gain whilst in the role, one of the most important and one which will develop throughout your time as a rep is leadership skills. Collating and ensuring that the feedback from your course is constructive whilst also empowering your peers to use their voice will help you grow in confidence and develop qualities such as good organisation skills, influencing skills and the ability to lead and take people with you on the journey. These skills are highly valued by employers, look great on the CV, are very useful throughout your studies and, most importantly, help you to grow as an individual.

To find out more, speak to your personal tutor, your faculty student office or the Union of Kingston Students.

Societies and sports

There are many competitive and non-competitive sports clubs at Kingston, with a range from football and netball to scuba diving and snowboarding and everything in between! There are also lots of established social societies from the Afghan Society all the way through to the Wine Society. And if there isn't a team or society you want to be part of, then why not create your own!

Further information

Gap experience

A gap experience can be anything such as helping to build a village, restoring an orangutan's habitat, or working on a cattle farm. It doesn't have to be for a year, nor does it have to be somewhere exotic. A gap year is all about taking time-out to improve yourself, the world around you or the life of other people. It allows you to travel, to try things you never thought of, to meet new people and to learn some key skills for the world of work.

There are lots of companies who arrange 'gap experiences' or you can do it on your own or with friends – the possibilities are endless.

Here are some resources to get you started:

Being a student ambassador

The Student Ambassador Scheme at Kingston is a great way of building skills whilst earning money. Ambassadors are recruited from undergraduate and postgraduate courses across the University and vary widely in the subjects they study. Ambassadors' main aims are to share their student experiences with prospective students and the community. They take part in open days and higher education fairs, visit schools and colleges to raise aspirations of young people and publish advice, blogs and videos about the University.

Not only are the ambassadors paid for getting involved with these projects, they also receive support to develop new skills through a development and training programme.

The average pay is £9 per hour. Recruitment usually starts towards the end of the first term and will be posted on the JobShop.

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Kingston University students can visit the My Kingston Staffspace document intranet site (KU login required) for more information.

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