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Exhibition: Chaired by...

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Venue: The Platform Gallery, Knights Park campus, Grange Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT1 2QJ
Price: free

Exhibition: Chaired by...

Jake Abrams is an Associate Professor in The Design School working with the BA in Illustration Animation.  His on-going study has encompassed sculpture, installation painting and drawing and this is the first time that all these components have been brought together to be exhibited simultaneously.

Chairs have been scavenged and salvaged and then carefully amalgamated with other sourced artefact in order to create anthropomorphised reflections on the imagined sitter: their hopes, trials and limitations.

In the paintings on canvas, chair characters perform precariously on precipitous stages, conjoined in a perpetual yet perilous co-dependence. These artworks are transcribed from a series of small drawing: their speed of rendition aiming to capture the fluidity and fervency of the original sketch.

Liberated from their confined home in a succession of A3 sketchpads, the framed drawings on display, exhibit aspects of my working process. The sketchbooks have proved to be invaluable arenas for creative experiment, examination and appraisal. Tearing individual pages out, seemed at first, tantamount to a betrayal of the sanctity of their original form. However, as I have extricated them I am aware that a different sort of dynamic has been created and I have begun to regard these drawings as artistic statements in their own right.

Private View

  • Tuesday 12 July 2016, 5-7.30pm
  • The Platform Gallery

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Contact: Anne Marie Fisker


Directions to The Platform Gallery, Knights Park campus, Grange Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT1 2QJ: