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Morning prayer takes place each week on Wednesdays from 8.30am–8.50am during term time in the Quiet Room (MB0032) or Faith and Spirituality Centre Office (MB0031).

The University faith adviser is available for listening, support, information and advice at weekly drop-in sessions on different campuses:

  • Kingston Hill: Student Services Centre in the Yorkon Building (ground floor), 12.00noon–2.00pm on Mondays during term time.

Upcoming events

Faith in Education: Is Religion a Problem or a Solution? Annual Faith & Spirituality Lecture

Faith in Education: Is Religion a Problem or a Solution? Annual Faith & Spirituality Lecture
Thursday 9 November 2017

This year's Annual Lecture entitled "Faith in Education: is religion a problem or a solution?" will be given by The Dean of Westminster Abbey, the Very Reverend Dr John Hall, who is also Pro-Chancellor of the University of Roehampton and the Chair of Governors at Westminster School, Westminster Abbey Choir School and Harris Westminster Sixth Forum. He was formerly the Church of England's Chief Education Officer.

The Matthew Arnold series: A voice for today

Well ahead of his contemporaries, Arnold (1822-88) sensed and responded to the profound flaws in Victorian society and politics - the deep cultural fissures of a class society; the disputed relationship between science and the arts; the nature of public education; the place of belief in society and its relation to art. This series of three free-standing discussions explore Arnold's thinking and ideas, with the emphasis on their relevance to today's concerns.

The discussions will be introduced by Dr Martin Corner, Lecturer Emeritus in English and American Literature at Kingston University, together with reflections from practitioner s grappling with the same issue today. As HM Inspector of Schools, Arnold had a first-hand view of both England's schools and its new manufacturing cities, combined with his being elected the Professor of Poetry at Oxford University.

From this unique vantage point, Arnold developed his critique of the cultural crisis of a newly industrialised nation, with no adequate public education system, and little sense of an intellectual world beyond its shores. All issues which have resurfaced to trouble us again today.


Arnold's sense of his world Arnold began as a poet, and was elected Professor of Poetry at Oxford when only 35. His first reflective sense of the world in the mid-19th century comes in poems such as ‘The Scholar Gipsy', where he conveys a world losing its grounding, leading to an existential crisis for the individual, and to the sense of lostness and pain which underlies his approach to all the other areas of his concern—society, education, and religion. Arnold's early poetry is his deepest response to the modern world—in particular, his sense of the difficulty of finding any fixed basis for intellectual or moral life in a world of diversity of views, with no absolute arbiter.

  • Download the Matthew Arnold: Introduction and Anthology [PDF] of key texts, prepared by the principal speaker Dr Martin Corner.
  • Additional information and a downloadable resource on each of the topics in the series, prepared by Dr Martin Corner, is available on the pages relating to the individual events (see links above).
  • For further information about the programme, please click on the events above or contact: the Revd. Andrew Williams, University Faith Advisor on T: 020 8417 2940 or Email:

Annual Faith and Spirituality Lecture

The annual lecture provides a platform for a high-profile external speaker to explore an aspect of contemporary religious life in Britain. The presentations examine different dimensions of the relationship between faith and society, offering insight, critique and vision within this complex yet important field.

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Please revisit this page in autumn 2016 for our next Annual Faith and Spirituality Lecture.

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