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Kayli Olson, Film Studies with Journalism student

Kayli OlsonWhy did you choose to study at Kingston? 

Diversity and passion were the two words that stood out for me the most about Kingston. I also loved that it was so close to London, but far enough to find a quiet space and experience a more personal education and environment.

You are based on the Penrhyn Road campus, what do you like most about it?

I love the library and the lab environments. I find being in the library or one of the film and journalism computer labs is like a magical land where work gets done. I usually keep a tight schedule, so being in the library to do work really prohibits procrastination – especially this year, my final year.

Also, the great thing about the location of Penrhyn Road is that if you need a change of pace then Kingston town centre is just a five-minute walk away. I can take a walk down the Thames, visit the farmer's market, or just browse in shops during a busy day at university.

Tell us about Kingston's Anime, Sci-fi and Tabletop society (KAST)? 

The society is so large (really we are like three societies for the price of one) there really is something for everyone. Tuesday is dedicated to tabletop gaming which includes board games, card games and role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons. Thursdays is when we watch sci-fi movies, TV shows or do cinema trips to see the latest sci-fi thriller. Fridays are dedicated to watching new season, classic or movie anime.

We run lots of other events like our new B movie or 'bad movie' screenings (where we rip off terrible movies for fun), and a monthly comic book trip to Richmond (where we get special KAST discounts). So, even if you don't go to every event, you get to know people across the society.

What's the best thing about being part of KAST?

It is impossible to be bored – there are so many different people and activities! You can play the same board game every Tuesday, but it will be a different game each time because there are so many people in KAST. I have watched movies and anime I never knew could exist. KAST has such a creative drive; everyone wants to share the things they love with people they know will love it – or at least try to love it!

I remember seeing KAST at fresher's fair, and it looked fun! I liked sci-fi movies and the committee was really welcoming, so I decided to join. It has been the best decision that I have made for my social life at university. I instantly fell in love with the people and the event during the first board game night. In fact, I loved being part of it so much that I became president of the sci-fi section during my second year!

Describe Kingston University in three words?

Adaptable. Multicultural. Motivational.

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