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Frequently asked questions

Where can I get more detailed information?

Try our Service Desk Portal or start download our Getting started with Kingston University halls of residence network guide (PDF).

Can I connect my own router/AP?

Under no circumstances. Please note that routers, access points and other network devices may not be connected to 'KU Halls' network (or any other Kingston University network).

The Kingston University access point already installed in each room provides four wired connections and unrestricted wireless connections, which should be sufficient for all needs.

The University monitors all connections and will disable any connection being used by unauthorised network devices/services [conditions 29 (nuisance to neighbours) and 31 (compliance with ICT Security and Usage policy)].


Home access points and routers are automatically configured to auto-connect any devices they find – and this is ideal for the home environment. However in a complex network environment such as Kingston University halls of residence, these devices will attempt to auto-connect devices found in adjacent rooms and buildings, often preventing them from getting any internet access by overruling Kingston's own connection service. As such, unauthorised home routers/access points are the primary cause of residents losing their network connection. Any configuration which runs its own Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) service is likely to deprive nearby residents of access.

Please use your network access responsibly.

Why am I seeing an "invalid physical address" error message?

Please log a call via our Service Desk Portal, letting us know that you got this error message. Please include the make and model of the device, as well as the MAC address.

Is my registration process saved if I stop halfway through?

Yes, you will be able to continue from where you left off.

What are my Kingston username and password?

These are the number on your ID card and the password sent to you for enrolment. You may have changed this password subsequently, in which case, use the new one.

What happens if I want to use my laptop in another room?

You won't need to re-register your machine. However, Bradford Campus Manager (BCM) will keep an audit of where your system has been used.

What if my computer fails the registration?

If your computer does not get through the registration process, you will only be allowed limited access to the internet until the areas of concern have been dealt with. You might need to update your operating system or install anti-virus software. You can view your security scan by opening your internet browser and following the instructions provided.

Is there any more information about my access point?

Download a brief description of the lights and ports (PDF).

Does Campus Manager look for viruses on my machine?

No. It just scans to make sure that you have anti-virus software installed. It will not identify or remove any viruses you have already. It is your responsibility to remove such viruses, Trojans, spyware, etc. All laptops, desktops, workstations, netbooks and notebooks including Apple Macs must have an up-to-date anti-virus product installed and switched on.

What anti-virus applications are accepted?

Most commercial and non-commercial (freeware) anti-virus applications can be used, but only the most recent updates will be accepted by Bradford Network Sentry.

If you do not have an anti-virus software package, you will be required to install one as part of the registration process. Bradford Network Sentry will provide a list as part of this process.

Two examples of freeware anti-virus software for both Windows and MAC machines::

Will Campus Manager have any effect on my games console?

Please see our games consoles advice. Please note that you can register a maximum of five devices through Campus Manager.

Can my network connection be terminated?

Yes, if at any time your PC is considered to be a threat to other users on the network for any reason, you may be disconnected. You may not receive any warning but you will receive notification as soon as possible.

Which operating systems/devices are permitted?

See our list of supported systems.

Windows XP is no longer supported and will not be accepted by the Kingston University network.

Can I register my games console?

Yes. Games consoles must be registered on the network. Further help is available in this guide (PDF).

How many devices can I register on the network?

You can register up to five devices on the network. Please contact us if you need to add more devices or remove old devices that are not in use anymore.

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