Library and Learning Services

Learning Resources Centres
Knights Park: 020 8417 4214
Nightingale Centre: 020 8417 5380
Penrhyn Road: 020 8417 2101
Roehampton Vale: 020 8417 4903


We have Learning Resources Centres on each of the four main teaching campuses, providing books, journals, study areas, seminar rooms, Access Technology Rooms and computers.

Books and Journals

We provide access to over 350,000 books and audiovisual materials, 270,000 e-books and have subscriptions to over 2000 printed and 73,000 electronic journals.


Library and Learning Services operates over 1800 open access PCs, and provides wireless access on all campuses.

Library and Learning Services

Welcome to Kingston University Library and Learning Services.


Library and Learning Services is key to the success of our students and staff in pursuing their learning, teaching and research ambitions. The focus of the department is on the delivery of high quality learning resources and services to students and staff, supporting a wide range of information driven activity from skills support through to innovative online learning experiences.


This work is achieved through:


  • The 4 Learning Resources Centres (Libraries) on each of the main teaching campuses
  • Providing 24 hour access (term time) to the LRCs at Kingston Hill and Penrhyn Road
  • Generous opening hours at all sites throughout the year
  • Access to over 350,000 books and audiovisual materials, and 270,000 e-books
  • Subscriptions to over 73,000 electronic journals
  • Over 1800 open access PCs
  • Wireless access on all campuses
  • Expert advice and support for the development of web and multimedia content
  • Extensive support for disabilities in our specialist Access Technology Rooms


The LRCs also provide a base for Careers, Accommodation and Student Finance consultations.