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Selection of notebooks with music, lyrics and lecture notes handwritten by Iris Murdoch

Books and Journals

Book collection from the Oxford Library

Booker Prize Winner 1978

The Sea, the Sea. Special edition with golden sides


Selection of correspondence by Iris Murdoch

Iris Murdoch Collections

We hold a number of collections relating to the author Iris Murdoch (1919-1999). These include:

Iris Murdoch’s Oxford Library

An extensive collection of books on philosophy, religion and literature, and some sheet music, which were owned by the author and kept at her house in Oxford. Many of the books contain her detailed annotations commenting on the texts.

Iris Murdoch’s London Library

Books on philosophy, religion, literature, and a number of novels owned by the author and kept at her flat in London. Some of the books contain her detailed annotations commentating on the texts, many others have personal dedications to her from the author or from a member of her family. The collection also contains a number of first editions, including the first edition of ‘The Sea, The Sea’ awarded to her when the novel won the Booker Prize.

Peter Conradi’s Iris Murdoch Research Papers

Research material collected by Professor Peter Conradi when researching his biography, Iris Murdoch: a life, (2001). The archive includes abundant correspondence between Peter Conradi and individuals who knew Iris Murdoch, and copies of some manuscripts of her novels. This archive also contains correspondence between Iris Murdoch and Peter Conradi and Iris Murdoch and Lucy Klatschko (Sister Marian).

Other Iris Murdoch Collections

We also hold a number of small collections relating to Iris Murdoch including: Letters from Iris Murdoch to Roly Cochrane, Cheryl Bove, Sugana Ramanathan, and Harry Hofstra, as well as some British and American first editions of her books and other items.