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Email from home

All students have access to email via Outlook Web Access (with the exception of students in the Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences who use a different email system)

It is important that you check your KU email regularly as staff may use this to contact you with information essential to your course. All Library communications will be sent to your KU email address.

The general email address format for students is: for example You can access your email via My Kingston by visiting

Please note that sending unsolicited emails to large groups of people or mailing lists is considered to be spam and is not permitted.

Maintaining your Inbox

You have a email storage quota. If you are approaching your quota limit you will receive warning messages. Once you exceed your email storage quota you will be unable to send or receive email until it is cleared again. It is therefore essential that you perform regular maintenance on your email folders.

In Outlook Web Access, mail can be sorted by ‘From’, ‘Subject’, ‘Received’, and ‘Size’ simply by clicking on the appropriate tab at the top of the list of messages. You should regularly clear out larger emails or those that you no longer require.

Email for students in the Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences

Students in the Schools of Midwifery, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Radiography and Social Work have access to email via This email system is managed at St. George’s, University of London and it is the email system used by the Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences. You will be sent a letter containing details of your username and password. Your username will be K plus the first seven digits of the number on your ID card, but your password will be different from your KU IT password.

If you have lost or forgotten your password you can get a new one from the LRC help desks on production of your University ID card.

The general format for your email is: for example You can access your email by going to

Accessing Services from Outside the University

You can access services off campus by going to and entering your KU username and password when prompted. There are links to University services such as email and StudySpace and more from the Tools menu on My Kingston. (Students in the Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences are not able to access their email via this link, but should go direct to

To access files stored on your H-drive simply go to and click on the "Network Drives" link. Once you have logged in you will be able to upload and download files which you have saved on this drive.