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Passport control

What happens at passport control?

There will be different queues for EEA (European Economic Area) and non-EEA nationals at passport control. You will need to have the following documents available to show the immigration officer:

  • your passport (or national identity card for EEA nationals);
  • your entry clearance/student visa (if you have obtained entry clearance this will be in your passport);
  • a letter from Kingston University confirming your acceptance for a place on a full-time course of study (visa support letter);
  • evidence that you have funds to cover tuition fees and living expenses (bank statements, sponsor's letter, scholarship award letter etc); and
  • a medical certificate (if required)

We also recommend having details of your accommodation arrangements.

If you have obtained entry clearance in your home country, you should be entering the UK with the immigration status of a 'student'. Non-visa nationals who are studying for six months or less and who are not required to obtain entry clearance before travelling to the UK will now have their passports stamped as a 'student visitor' by an immigration officer. These students will be prohibited from working in the UK. 'Student visitors' cannot extend their visas whilst in the UK.

What does the passport stamp mean and how long can I stay in the UK?

The stamp states the conditions the UK immigration authorities have imposed on you about employment. Please see our section on working in the UK for more details.

Remember that 'visitors' are prohibited from taking employment and studying. It is not possible to change your immigration status from 'visitor' to 'student' once you are in the UK.

Your entry clearance/student visa will indicate how long you are able to remain in the UK. Please make a note of this date. If you need to stay longer in the UK, contact us before the time limit expires.

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