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Enrolment for overseas fee status and visiting students

Enrolment is when you officially register on your course and is very important. It's at enrolment that you get your student ID card and access to all university resources.

How does it work?

Enrolment is made up of two stages:

Stage 1 (online): you need to register your personal details online through the University's Online Student Information System (OSIS). To save time on the day, we advise that you do this before you leave for the UK. You will receive an email with the link and instructions in advance.

Stage 2 (on campus): you must do this part at the University, in person.

If you are an overseas fee payer (undergraduate and postgraduate), you will be assigned a time slot for this which you will be emailed. It's important that you arrive at the time allocated to you. At the appointment, we will check that we have all your details, confirm that you have paid the necessary tuition fees that are due (where applicable), and how the balance of your fees are going to be paid (where applicable) as well as issuing you with a Kingston University student ID card.

What if I don't do Stage 1 before arriving at Kingston?

You must complete this stage before you attend your induction/enrolment. If you haven't been able to register online before you arrive, you will be able to do so on the day you complete Stage 2. However, if you want to avoid queues and make your enrolment process faster, we advise you to complete Stage 1 before you arrive.

Please note: until you complete your enrolment Stage 2 you won't have an ID card or access to many of the University's resources.

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