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Kingston University Services Company Limited (trading as KUSCO)
Company registration number: 3134175
Place of registration: England
Registered office address:
River House,
53 - 57 High Street
Kingston upon Thames
Surrey UK KT1 1LQ

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Kingston University Service Company Ltd (KUSCO) is a specialist service and facilities management company working exclusively for Kingston University

It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kingston University (KU), and has been providing the University community with a wide range of services and support since 1997. KUSCO works for no other organisations.

As Kingston University’s main Service Provider:

  • We represent value for money but constantly strive to add value.
  • Through teamwork we combine expertise, professionalism and specialist knowledge of the University.
  • Every KUSCO employee makes a valid contribution to the University’s core business of Higher Education, as all our work contributes to the recruitment and retention of students.
  • We will be fair and consistent in all our dealings with our staff and with the university community, our client

KUSCO has an independent Board of Directors, with a Governor of the University as the Chairman

The senior management team who run KUSCO day-to-day and their main areas of responsibility are as follows:

Warren O'Leary - Interim Managing Director

  • All general KUSCO company, strategic and planning matters
  • The Conference Office (KUCEL)
  • Quality Monitoring

Ilza Malkoun - Head of KUSCO Finance

  • KUSCO financial matters

Senior Management Team

Warren O'Leary
Interim Managing Director

Ilza Malkoun
Head of Finance