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Kingston University's Beyond Barriers mentoring scheme goes from strength to strength

Posted Friday 15 July 2016

Kingston University's Beyond Barriers mentoring scheme goes from strength to strength

Over the past eight years, Kingston  University's Beyond Barriers mentoring scheme has helped students develop confidence in their ability to complete their studies, aim for a better degree and boost their employability skills. The staff schemes have helped improve confidence, provide opportunities to network and develop skills to support career progression. In 2016, there were even more mentoring partnerships on both student and staff schemes.

At a special celebration event earlier this summer, Vice-Chancellor Professor Julius Weinberg said: "I am so proud of the talent and diversity within our student body at Kingston University. Our student mentees are studying a wide range of subjects representing all faculties within the university. The mentoring scheme has allowed them to develop key skills and helped to prepare them for the world of work, many students have flourished and realised their potential under the guidance of their mentors. We are thankful to all of our mentors from a range of industries who have generously given their time to mentor our students; your contribution has almost certainly inspired confidence and self-belief in a young adult just starting out on their chosen path. We hope that you also found the programme rewarding and insightful, and that you will continue to be involved in helping Kingston University students.

"I am delighted that once again so many colleagues have taken part in the scheme, this year we had many returning mentors as well as former mentees returning as mentors. These relationships between staff members have helped promote collaborative working between faculties, and allowed staff to share their knowledge and experience. They have given colleagues inspiration and self-confidence, and the support they needed to determine their objectives and pursue their goals within Kingston University.

"So many of you have gone beyond your barriers and that is an inspiration to us all."

Some of the mentors and mentees share their stores below:

Regina KabuteyStudent mentee: Regina Kabutey, Exersize, Nutrition and Health, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing

This is an amazing experience and will 100% recommend it to anyone. My mentor went the extra mile to help me achieve my targets. For example, my presentation and communication skills improved as he gave me an opportunity to do practice presentations. Through the scheme your mentor will help you achieve your personal goals. Get involved, it's for you! 

Student mentor: Sally Findlay, Managing Director, Recognition Express Mid Surrey

Sally FindleyMentoring has been a richly rewarding experience. It was a great opportunity to help my mentee along her career path a little and was satisfying to guide her toward the future she is aiming at. It has been great to use my skills and experience in a slightly different way, to watch someone progress and grow, and help the next generation of graduates.

Student mentor: Neomi Bennett, Managing Director, Neo-slip

Neomi developed the Neo-Slip anti-embolism stocking while she was a nursing student at Kingston University. She has since been invited to speak with the Prime Minister and travelled the world promoting it.

"Being a mentor to Kingston students was a great way to support the institution that supported me. It has been wonderful to help students; it is an ongoing cycle of people working together to enhance themselves, whether it is to learn something new or to build a new network."

Student mentee: Shiylah Hussain, Forensics, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing

Forensics student Shiylah was mentored by Anne Wye who is a recruitment account manager at GlaxoSmithKline.

"Before starting mentoring I was shy and lacked the confidence to engage in activities outside my studies. An opportunity arose to work with Anne and it was one of the best decisions I made.

"Mentoring has helped me approach my studies in a different light. I started to use new techniques that expand my capabilities. I developed skills such as time management. Working one-to-one with my mentor I have her full attention. The scheme has helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and back them up in interview situations. Being able to shadow Anne has given me the insight I have always wanted. It was an amazing experience and I am so thankful."

If you would like to get involved in this year's mentoring schemes, please complete our online application form or email  for more information.

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