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Clearing 2017 via Kingston University
Clearing 2017 via Kingston University

Clearing helps business management student kickstart dream degree and place in halls at Kingston University

Posted Thursday 20 July 2017

Clearing helps business management student kickstart dream degree and place in halls at Kingston University A call to the Kingston University Clearing hotline got Jack on the right track to a degree and a place in halls.

As his time at school came to a close, Jack Connelly, then 18, was deliberating what to do next. Keen to keep his options open and explore his interests, Jack found himself weighing up what was right for him. Should he undertake an apprenticeship – as many of his friends were doing – or apply to University? In the end, as his study interests were varied, the broader range of subjects offered within a degree course was what swung the balance for Jack and he decided to apply for a business management degree.

When he saw his A-level results, though, the 19 year old realised he was facing a setback as he hadn't achieved his target grades. A call to the Kingston University Clearing hotline, however, quickly alleviated his worries and got him back on the right track. The Clearing staff had been extremely reassuring and helpful, Jack said. "It all went surprisingly smoothly and I was delighted to hear that I was a viable candidate and could study business after all," he added.

Part of the appeal of Kingston University was the great location, as Jack was eager to live in London but had been very anxious about finding somewhere to live. "Everyone knows that accommodation is a big added worry when applying through Clearing as most university accommodation has already been allocated," he explained. "It was a huge bonus that Kingston University was guaranteeing a place in halls for students who accepted a course place on the first two days of Clearing."

Jack was duly allocated a place in Seething Wells hall of residence where he has lived during his first year. "It was a huge weight off my mind to know accommodation was taken care of when I got my offer," he said. "My hall is in a lovely area with great links to Kingston town centre and each of the University campuses has a great feel to the place."

Interim Accommodation Manager Joe Sanders agreed with Jack that accommodation could be a real source of stress for students going to university through Clearing. "It's great that we're able to offer a halls place to every student who accepts an offer through Clearing within the first two days." he added. "Not having to think about where they're going to be living allows students to focus their efforts on finding the perfect course."

With his sister having been through the university process before him, Jack didn't feel as overwhelmed by the prospect of going to college. "It's not as difficult as you think – you can adapt quickly to a new situation." he said.

Jack has sailed through the first year on his course and said the Kingston business management degree with business experience had appealed to him as he didn't want to limit himself to one sector or industry too soon. "I needed to undertake a course that would let me discover my interests and explore more opportunities," he said. "What particularly stands out about the Kingston University business degrees is that they include a placement  – but within the three-year course  – so I'm currently looking for one to start during my second year."

Jack was full of praise for both his course and his tutors. "My degree is very well structured, fast-paced and great for building up my CV," he said. "It's also well taught - I always know my tutors are supportive and will be there for me."

As well as enjoying his academic success, Jack has joined the Kingston University football team, which he said had helped him not only to develop his playing skills but to also build strong and lasting friendships with people from other courses. "Playing for the University team has been fantastic," he added. "I scored four goals as well as winning Rising Star and Captain's Player awards."

Jack suggests anyone thinking of applying through Clearing should be receptive to new ideas. "Keep as many doors open as you can," he advised. "Don't think all is lost because you can't do what you originally intended to do –you might find there is something even better out there for you... I did."

  • Find out about studying business at Kingston Business School via Clearing.
  • Kingston University is guaranteeing a place in halls for any Clearing student who accepts a course place on 17 or 18 August this year.
  • Kingston University's hotline number for Clearing, confirmation and adjustment is 0800 0483 334 for callers in the UK. Calls are free from a landline. Mobile charges may apply - please check with your provider. Students calling from overseas should dial +44 (0)20 8328 1149.
  • The lines will be open between 7.30am and 7.30pm on 17 August; 8.30am and 6.00pm on 18 August; 10.00am and 4.00pm on 19 August and weekdays 9.00am and 5.00pm (Fridays 9.00am and 4.30pm) from 21 August to 29 September. The hotline will be closed on Sunday 20 August and on Bank Holiday 28 August.
A photo of Seething Wells Hall of Residence.Seething Wells Hall, where Jack secured a place, is by the River Thames and is ideal for students studying at the Penrhyn Road and Knights Park campuses.

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