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Dr Gaelle Vallee-Tourangeau

Reader in psychology, Kingston University.

Dr  Gaelle   Vallee-Tourangeau Areas of expertise

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Gaelle is a cognitive psychologist specialising in the field of judgement and decision-making. She lectures on cognitive processes, (ie the mental processes underpinning communication, problem-solving and decision-making) and cognitive ergonomics (the study of how efficient people are in analysing, planning and making decisions in their work environment).

Says Gaelle: "On any given day, people are exposed to a large volume of information from a range of media. This proliferation of 'news' compound the sense that definite answers are few and far between. Yet often even where people do not know for sure what the case is, or what the future will bring, they must still act, make decisions, choose between alternatives, or sometimes simply communicate the uncertainty surrounding future outcomes."

She goes on to explain that ideally, we should be able to communicate and interpret risks objectively, reason appropriately with uncertain facts, make optimal and informed decisions based on information that is available to us, and make consistent choices based on our personal preferences.

But in reality, the communication of risks is often problematic, our reasoning under uncertainty can be flawed and our decisions and preferences can be swayed depending on our state of mind or the context in which they are made.

"Therefore better understanding of how we face and deal with uncertainty in our daily lives  is key to help us cope better with our modern environment," she adds.

"My research thus strives to contribute to the psychology of risk and uncertainty and the psychology of decision-making. My focus is on how individuals reason about, judge, communicate, or make decisions under uncertainty."

She currently acts as Associate Editor for the European Review of Applied Psychology (Elsevier) and is the director of the interdisciplinary Group for Decision, Thinking, and Risk research (iGDTR). She also works as a research consultant for Sanofi-Pasteur on issues related to the psychology of vaccination decisions.

 Her work has been published in such international journals as Cognition, Memory & Cognition, Acta Psychologica and Psychological Science.  


Year gained Subject
2004 PhD in psychology, University of Hertfordshire.
1998 MSc in social psychology, Universite Paris X. (Distinction).
1997 French licence in psychology, Universite Paris X .
1996 French degree in psychology, Universitie Paris X.

Career Highlights

Year Position held
2006 - 2009 Lecturer in cognitive psychology and methodology, Universitie de Toulouse.
2006 - Senior lecturer in psychology, Kingston University.
2001 - 2006 Lecturer in decision sciences, Leeds University Business School.


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Martinez, Frederic , Le Floch, Valerie , Gaffie, Bernard and Villejoubert, Gaelle (2010) Reports of wins and risk taking: an investigation of the mediating effect of the illusion of control.4 Journal of Gambling Studies, ISSN (print) 1050-5350 (In Press)

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Villejoubert, Gaelle (2007) Les aides graphiques peuvent-elles nous aider a mieux raisonner avec les probabilites [Can graphical aids help improve probabilistic reasoning?].7 Les Annales de la Fondation Fyssen, 22, pp. 32-43. ISSN (print) 0980-157X

Bonnefon, Jean-Francois and Villejoubert, Gaelle (2007) Modus Tollens, Modus Shmollens: contrapositive reasoning and the pragmatics of negation.8 Thinking & Reasoning, 13(2), pp. 207-222. ISSN (print) 1354-6783

Maule, J. and Villejoubert, G. (2007) What lies beneath: reframing framing effects.9 Thinking & Reasoning, 13(1), pp. 25-44. ISSN (print) 1354-6783

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Hilton, Denis , Villejoubert, Gaelle and Bonnefon, Jean-Francois (2005) How to do things with logical expressions: creating collective value through co-ordinated reasoning.11 Interaction Studies, 6(1), pp. 103-117. ISSN (print) 1572-0373

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Book Section

Vallee-Tourangeau, Frederic and Villejoubert, Gaelle (2010) Information relevance in pseudodiagnostic reasoning.13 In: Ohlsson, S. and Catrambone, R., (eds.) Cognition in flux: proceedings of the 32nd annual conference of the Cognitive Science Society. Austin, U.S.A. : Cognitive Science Society. pp. 1172-1177.

Villejoubert, Gaelle and Le Floch, Valerie (2010) Jugement et prise de decision: etat de l'art et methodes d'aides a  la decision en milieu professionnel. [Judgment and decision-making: field overview and decision aids methods in professional settings].14 In: Morchain, P. and Somat, A., (eds.) La psychologie sociale: applicabilite et applications. Grenoble, France : Presses Universitaires de Grenoble. pp. 189-214. ISBN 9782753510616

Villejoubert, Gaelle and Vallee-Tourangeau, Frederic (2010) The psychology of risk management.15 In: Boecker, K., (ed.) Rethinking risk measurement and reporting: uncertainty, Bayesian analysis and expert judgement. London, U.K. : Risk Books. ISBN 1906348405

Villejoubert, Gaelle (2009) Are representativeness judgments automatic and rapid? The effect of time pressure on the conjunction fallacy.16 In: Taatgen, N. , van Rijn, H. , Schomaker, L. and Nerbonne, J., (eds.) Proceedings of the 31st Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. Austin, U.S.A. : Cognitive Science Society. pp. 2980-2985. ISBN 9780976831853

Gourdon, Amelie and Villejoubert, Gaelle (2009) A comparison of children and adults' judgements and decisions based on verbal uncertainty statements.17 In: Taatgen, N. , van Rijn, H. , Schomaker , L. and Nerbonne , J., (eds.) Proceedings of the 31st Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. Austin, U.S.A. : Cognitive Science Society. pp. 1121-1126. ISBN 9780976831853

Juanchich, Marie and Villejoubert, Gaelle (2009) How do speakers choose uncertainty phrases to express guilt probabilities?18 In: Taatgen, N. , van Rijn, H. , Schomaker , L. and Nerbonne , J., (eds.) Proceedings of the 31st Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. Austin,U.S.A. : Cognitive Science Society. pp. 2717-2722. ISBN 9780976831853


Professional Body Membership

Executive Board Member of the European Association for Decision Making (Newsletter Editor, Website Manager) since 2005
Member of the Association of Psychological Science since 2007
Member of the Cognitive Science Society since 2009

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