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Dr Christos Politis

Reader in Wireless Communications, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing, Kingston University.

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Christos is a Reader (Associate Professor) in Wireless Communications at Kingston University in the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing. He leads a research team on Wireless Multimedia & Networking (WMN),  and is the field leader for the 'Wireless Communications' and 'Networks and Data Communications' postgraduate courses at Kingston.

Before coming to Kingston, he was the Research and Development (R&D) project manager at Ofcom, the UK Regulator and Competition Authority. He has also been a  telecommunications engineer with Intracom Telecom in Athens and for many years  was a post-doc research fellow in the Centre for Communication Systems Research (CCSR) at the University of Surrey.

He recently finished work with a number of European partners on the PEACE* project, which is aimed at providing a general solution to the problem faced by emergency workers when communications break down in cases of extreme disasters and catastrophes.

"Our aim is to be able to set up ad-hoc networking environments at the scene of any disaster or emergency, thereby allowing emergency workers the ability to communicate with each other when normal channels have failed," said Christos.

Christos envisages a time when emergency workers would be issued a PDA (personal digital assistant), which would allow them to communicate in disaster zones. "Even more exciting is the prospect that members of the public would be able to upload the PEACE platform onto their mobile phone, so that if they were caught up in a disaster zone they too could make contact with the outside world." Other European partners are now taking this work forward alongside Christos and his colleagues.

Christos also leads a working group on "Spectrum Issues" within the Wireless World Research Forum, which is the global industry forum for research and development in the communications area. In addition he is an expert of the Net!Works Experts Group, which advises the European Commission on future research priorities and is responsible for helping in the design and specification of the FP8 (8th Framework Programme) on ICT (Information Communication Technologies), the largest EU research programme which is due to run from 2013 until 2018.

(*IP - based Emergency Application and ServiCes for nExt generation networks).








Year gained Subject
2004 PhD in Wireless Networking from the Centre for Communication Research, University of Surrey.
1999 MSc in Mobile and Satellite Communications from the University of Surrey.
1996 B.Eng from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece.

Career Highlights

Year Position held
2007 - Reader (Associate Professor) of Wireless Communications, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing, Kingston University.
2005 - 2007 Research and Development Manager, Technology Group, Ofcom.
2004 - Visiting academic at the Department of Information and Communications Systems Engineering at Aegean University, Samos Island, Greece.
2000 - 2005 Senior researcher, Centre for Communication Systems Research, Surrey, UK.
2000 - 2002 Labs demonstrator and supervisor of post-grad students at the University Of Surrey - Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering.
1995 - 1996 Telecommnunications Engineer, with Intracom Telecom, as part of his placement with National Technical University of Athens.


Monographs and Edited Books

  1. M.G. Martini and C. Politis - Proceedings of the 5th International ICST Mobile Multimedia Communications Conference ACM International Conference Proceeding Series 2009 ICST, (2009) .

Journal Papers

  1. E.A. Panaousis, G Drew, G. P. Millar, T. A. Ramrekha and C. Politis - A Testbed implementation for securing OLSR in mobile ad hoc networks in International Journal of Network Security and its Applications, 2(4) Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center, October, pp. 143-162. DOI (2010) abstract
  2. E.A. Panaousis, C. Politis, KB Birkos, CP Papageorgiou and T. Dagiuklas - Security Model for Emergency Real-Time Communications in Autonomous Networks in Information Systems Frontiers: a journal of research and innovation, Special Issue on Ubiquitous Multimedia Services 1(13) SPRINGER, July, DOI 10.1007/s10796-010-9259-8 (2010) abstract
  3. E.A. Panaousis, T. A. Ramrekha, G. P. Millar and C. Politis - Adaptive and secure routing protocol for emergency mobile ad-hoc networks in International Journal of Wireless and Mobile Computing, 2(2) Inderscience, May, pp. 62-78. DOI (2010) abstract
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  11. C. Politis, K. Chew, N. Akhtar, M. Georgiades, R. Tafazolli and T. Dagiuklas - Hybrid multilayer mobility management with AAA context transfer capabilities for all-IP networks in IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine, 11(4) IEEE, August, pp. 76 - 88. DOI (2004) abstract
  12. C. Politis, T. Oda, S. Dixit, A. Schieder, H.-Y. Lach, M. Smirnov, S. Uskela and R. Tafazolli - Cooperative Networks for the Future Wireless World in IEEE Communications Magazine, 42(9) IEEE, September, pp. 70 - 79. DOI (2004) abstract.

Chapters in Books

  1. M. Georgiades, C. Politis, N. Akhtar and R. Tafazolli - Chapter Location-Dependent service accounting in The Handbook of Mobile Middleware, Edited by Bellavista, P.;Corradi, A., Auerbach Publications, pp. 851-876. (2006)
  2. R. Tafazolli, K. Moessner, C. Politis and T. Dagiuklas - Chapter Cooperation Between Networks in Technologies for the Wireless Future: Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF), Edited by Tafazolli, R., Wiley, pp. 175-248. (2004)

Conference Highlights

Christos has been a keynote presenter at conferences around the world.

Professional Body Membership

IEEE Senior Member (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

Technical Chamber of Greece

Major Research Collaborations

PROACTIVE: "Predictive reasoning and multi-source fusion empowering Anticipation of attacks and Terrorist actions In Urban Environments". This is a FP7 Security project and started in May 2012.

3DConTourNet: "3D Content Creation, Coding and Transmission over Future Media Networks". This is a COST action project and started in May 2012.

Security for Wireless Ubiquitous Networks: "Development of a Prototype", Smart scheme, in collaboration with industry funded by the UK TSB (Technology Strategy Board), started in April 2012.

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