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Dr Rupa Huq

Senior lecturer, Kingston University.

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Rupa Huq is a senior lecturer in Sociology and Criminology at Kingston University in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Her research specialism has cheifly been youth culture and pop music. In 2006 her book  "Beyond Subculture: youth, pop and identity in a post-colonial world" on these themes was published.  It was subsequently one of five titles shortlisted for the 2007 British Sociological Association Philip Abrams Memorial prize. Rupa was previously a lecturer at the University of Manchester, during which time she held a Leverhulme Trust Fellowship. She is an experienced media commentator.




Year gained Subject
1993-1999 PhD, Cultural Studies - Thesis on Youth Culture. University of East London.
1990-1993 BA Social and Political Sciences (part I), Law (part II). Cambridge University.

Career Highlights

Year Position held
2004 - Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Criminolgy, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Kingston University.
2000 - 2004 Lecturer, School of Education, University of Manchester.
2000 - 2002 Leverhulme Special Research Fellowship, held alongside teaching.
1998 - 2000 Research assistant on DfEE and Manchester Training and Enterprise Council project on post-16 education and disaffection.


Forthcoming books:

"On the Edge: Englishness and suburbia after New Labour" - single authored monograph contracted with Lawrence and Wishart.

"Suburbia" - single-authored monograph contracted with Reaktion books, part of the FOCI (Focus on Contemporary Issues) series.

Other publications in press:

"Rebranding Britian or Attempting the Impossible?" : The Institutionalisation of Citizenship in the UK and its implications for global youth", to be published in Young: the Nordic Journal of Youth Research (2009 Sage).

"The Politics of Britpop"  - book chapter in "Britpop and the English Music Tradition," edited by Andy Bennett (2010 Ashgate).

"Subculture and Counter-Culture" entry in "Handbook of European Protest", by Martin Klimke, Joachim Scharloth and Kathrin Fahlenbrach. Oxford: Berghahn Books.

Other papers:

Huq, Rupa (2008) The sound of the suburbs: the shaping of Englishness and the socio-cultural landscape after New Labour.3 In: Perryman, Mark, (ed.) Imagined nation: England after Britain. London : Lawrence and Wishart Limited. pp. 49-62. ISBN 9781905007738

Huq, Rupa (2008) Youth culture and antiracism in new Britain: from the margins to the mainstream?4 International Journal of Sociology, 38(2), pp. 43-53. ISSN (print) 0020-7659

Huq, Rupa (2007) Resistance or incorporation? Youth policy making and hip hop culture.5 In: Hodkinson, Paul and Deicke, Wolfgang, (eds.) Youth cultures: scenes, subcultures and tribes. Abingdon : Routledge. pp. 79-92. (Routledge advances in sociology) ISBN 9780415376129

Huq, Rupa (2007) The sound of the suburbs.6 Soundings: a journal of politics and culture(37), pp. 35-44. ISSN (print) 1362-6620

Huq, Rupa (2006) Asian kool? Bhangra and beyond.7 In: Bennett, Andy , Shank, Barry and Toynbee, Jason, (eds.) The popular music studies reader. London, UK : Routledge. pp. 201-207. ISBN 9780415307093

Huq, Rupa (2006) Capital gains: BrAsian suburban North-West London.8 In: Ali, N. , Kalra, V.S. and Sayyid, S., (eds.) A postcolonial people: South Asians in Britain. London, UK : Hurst & Co. pp. 305-314. ISBN 1850657971

Huq, Rupa (2006) "Currying in favour?" Blairism and the unravelling of the "Asian community".9 In: New Labour in power: ten years on; 11 Sep 2006, Kingston upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Huq, Rupa (2006) European youth cultures in a post-colonial world: British Asian underground and French hip-hop music scenes.10 In: Nilan, Pam and Feixa, Carles, (eds.) Global youth? : hybrid identities, plural worlds. London, UK : Routledge. pp. 14-31. ISBN 041537071X

Huq, Rupa (2005) Beyond subculture: pop, youth and identity in a postcolonial world.11 London, UK : Routledge. 232p. ISBN 9780415278157

Huq, Rupa (2004) Urban unrest in northern England 2001: rhetoric and reality behind the 'race riots'.12 In: Lentin, Alana, (ed.) Learning from violence: the youth dimension. Strasbourg, France : Council of Europe Publishing. pp. 42-52. (Responses to violence in everyday life in a democratic society) ISBN 9789287153586

Huq, Rupa (2004) The uses of hip-hop culture.13 In: Titley, Gavan, (ed.) Resituating culture. Strasbourg, France : Council of Europe Publishing. pp. 187-198. ISBN 9287153965

Huq, Rupa (2003) From the margins to mainstream? Representations of British Asian youth musical cultural expression from bhangra to Asian underground music.14 Young: the Nordic Journal of Youth Research, 11(1), pp. 29-48. ISSN (print) 1103-3088

Huq, Rupa (2003) Global youth cultures in localized spaces: the case of the UK new Asian dance music and French rap.15 In: Muggleton, David and Weinzierl, Rupert, (eds.) The post-subcultures reader. Oxford, U.K. : Berg. pp. 195-208. ISBN 1859736688

Huq, Rupa (2002) Raving, not drowning: authenticity, pleasure and politics in the electronic dance music scene.16 In: Hesmondhalgh, David and Negus, Keith, (eds.) Popular music studies. London, U.K. : Arnold. pp. 90-102. ISBN 0340762489

Huq, Rupa (2001) The French connection: francophone hip hop as an institution in contemporary postcolonial France.17 Taboo: the journal of culture and education, 5(2), pp. 69-84. ISSN (print) 1080-5400

Huq, Rupa (2001) Rap a la francaise: hip hop as youth culture in contemporary post-colonial France.18 In: Furlong, Andy and Guidikova, Irena, (eds.) Transitions of youth citizenship in Europe: culture, subculture and identity. Strasbourg, France : Council of Europe. pp. 41-60. ISBN 9287144303

Media Highlights

Rupa has appeared on Channel S, Bangla TV (in Bengali), ITV, BBC 1, Sky News, Channel 4 News and BBC News 24. She has also been on the Today programme on Radio 4, Radio 5 Live, BBC Asian Network, BBC Asian Network and BBC London. and BBC World Service as well as narrating a couple of documentaries: Channel 4's Schools at Work and BBC 1 's "Boyz Aloud" on the subject of Muslim Hip-hop. She writes a regular column for Tribune magazine and has contributed to the Times Higher Education Supplement and the Guardian.



Conference Highlights

Dr Huq is a seasoned invited conference speaker at both national and international level. Most recently she was a guest speaker at the Royal Academy-led session: "Creative Edge: Reconceiving Suburban London" in October 2009.

Professional Body Membership

Dr Huq is a member of the British Sociological Association and sits on its Youth Studies Group and Leisure Studies Group.   

Key Industry Roles

Consultancy for British Council (Spain, Germany, Finland).

Council of Europe youth expert, served on international youth policy review team, Norway 2003-4. 

DFID visiting lecturer, Avinashilingham University, Coimbatore, India. March-April 2003.

Member, Foreign Office  "Engaging with Islam" Delegation, March 2008.  

Major Research Collaborations

Dr Huq is currently working in conjunction with the Economic and Social Research Council on collaborative projects with the following:

Metropolitan Police

Barrow Cadbury Trust

European Commission Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency

Leverhulme Trust.

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