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Dr Muthanna Samara

Lecturer in Psychology, Kingston University.

Dr  Muthanna  Samara Areas of expertise

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A chartered psychologist, Muthanna joined Kingston University in 2010. The general focus of his research is on the social and emotional development of children, with special regard to bullying at school and amongst siblings at home, evaluating programmes for bullying  and anti-bullying policies in schools, bullying and parenting, precursors of bullying (in both the bully and the bullied).

In June 2012 he secured a US$one million grant from the Quatar National Research Fund for a new research project on cyber bullying. He is the lead principal investigator on a three-year comparative study of cyber bullying in Qatari and UK schools, and will be working with others from Kingston University Criminology and Sociology departments, Goldsmiths University of London and two medical research institutions. Interviews will take place with around 3,000 young people aged between 11 and 16, and Muthunna hopes the findings will be used to help establish legal regulations around the issue and eventually to find ways to help prevent it.

His research also includes the development of "biological at risk" children - very preterm children - in relation to behavioural, cognitive (IQ and language) and eating problems and disabilities.

He is also investigating the relationship between regulatory problems (crying, feeding, sleeping) in the infancy and pre-school age to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). A further area of interest is children of war and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).



Year gained Subject
2002 - 2008 Ph.D. Psychology. University of Warwick. Thesis Title: A Longitudinal Study of Precursors of Bullying Involvement in Primary School Children in a British Cohort.
1999 - 2000 MSc in Applied Developmental Research in Psychology. University of Hertfordshire
1993 - 1996 B.Sc. in Behavioural Sciences. University of Ben-Gurion, Israel. BPS accredited first degree (1st class honours)

Career Highlights

Year Position held
March 2010 Lecturer in Psychology - Kingston University, London
2009 - 2010 Research Fellow - University of Warwick, Department of Psychology. Investigating long term consequences for premature children.
2008 - 2009 Research Fellow - University of Warwick, Department of Psychology.
2008 - 2009 Early Career Fellowship - University of Warwick, Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS).
2007 Visiting Research Fellow - University of Bristol, Department of Social Medicine.
2002 - 2007 Research Assistant - University of Bristol, Division of Child Health.
2002 - 2003 Research Assistant - Goldsmiths College, University of London, Department of Psychology.
2000 - 2002 Research Assistant - University of Hertfordshire, Psychology Department.



Journal articles:

Samara, M., Neil, M., Johnson, S., Lamberts, K., & Wolke, D. (2010). Eating problems at six years of age in a whole population sample of children born at 25 weeks of gestation or less. Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology. 52 (2), e16-e22.

Waylen, A., Ford, T., Goodman, R., Samara, M., & Wolke, D. (2009). Can early intake of dietary omega-3 predict childhood externalizing behaviour? Acta Paediatrica, 98, 1805-1808.

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Wolke, D., Woods, S., & Samara, M. Who Escapes or Remains a Victim of Bullying in Primary School?. (2009). British Journal of Developmental Psychology, 27, 835-851.

Wolke D, Samara M, Johnson S & Marlow N. Stability of behaviour problems in extremely preterm children (2009). Acta Paediatrica, 98 (Suppl 460), 30, pages: 163-164.

Samara, M. & Smith, P. (2008). How schools tackle bullying, and the use of whole school policies: Changes over the last decade. Educational Psychology, 28(6), 663-676.

Samara, M., Wolke, D., & Marlow N. (2008). Pervasive Behaviour problems at six years of age in a whole population sample of children born at 25 weeks of gestation or less. Pediatrics, 122(3), 562-573.

Wolke, D., & Samara, M. (2008). Digit ratio (2D:4D) and child developmental psychopathology. International Journal of Psychology, 43(3-4), 379-379.

Wolke, D., Samara, M., Bracewell, M., & Marlow, N. (2008). Specific language difficulties and school achievement in a whole population sample of children born at 25 weeks of gestation or less. The Journal of Pediatrics, 152(2), 256-262.e1.

Altawil, M., Harrold, D., & Samara, M. (2008). Children of war in Palestine. The International Journal of Evacuee and War Child Studies, 1(5), pp.5-11.

Smith, K. P., Smith, C., Osborn, R., & Samara, M. (2008). A content analysis of school anti-bullying policies: Progress and limitations. Educational Psychology in Practice, 24, 1-12.

Marlow, N., Wolke, D., Bracewell, M., & Samara, M. (2005). Neurologic and developmental disability at 6 years of age following extremely preterm birth. New England Journal of Medicine, 352 (1), 9-19.

Wolke, D., & Samara, M. (2004). Bullied by Siblings: Association with Peer Victimisation and Behaviour Problems in Israeli Lower Secondary School Children. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 45.5, 1015-1029.

Book chapters and research reports:

Altawil, M., Nel, P.W., Asker, A., Samara, M., & Harrold, D. (2008). The effects of chronic war trauma among Palestinian children. In M. Parsons (Ed.) Children: The invisible victims of war- An interdisciplinary study. Peterborough-England: DSM Technical Publications Ltd.

Wolke, D., Samara, M. & Woods, S. (2005). Creating Characters and Social Relationships of Those Involved in Bullying: Description and Implications for New Approaches to Intervention. In Tsuchiya, Soeda & Oride (2005). Eliminating bullying in schools - Japan and the World (Nakuso Gakko no Ijime - Nippon to Sekai). Japanese language. Minerva Publishing Co Ltd in Kyoto.

Smith P. K., & Samara, M. (2003). Evaluation of the DfES anti bullying pack. Research Brief No: RBX06-03. London: DfES.





Media Highlights

Muthanna's research has been cited across a broad range of media outlets, including the BBC, Guardian, Times, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Daily Express and a wealth of on-line medical websites.



Conference Highlights

Muthanna is a seasoned presenter and keynote speaker at conferences around the world.

Professional Body Membership

Member of the World Association for Infant Mental Health.

British Psychological Society - chartered psychologist.

Former member of the Anti-Bullying Alliance National Group.



Academic Accolades


Award for Outstanding Contribution to the University of Bristol Student Union (2006).

Award for excellent work at the Community Centre Company in Israel.



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