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Guidelines for student journalists

Working with the Kingston University Press Office

Please bear in mind the Kingston University Press Office is a very small and extremely busy team working to secure media coverage for the University and its many academics and students, as well as dealing with a high volume of inquiries from international, national, regional and specialist journalists. Unfortunately this means in most instances we will not be able to help you with your query. 

Please don't contact the Press Office for general information or ideas for stories. Please also note that we can only provide responses to factual questions and cannot give a University opinion or view (an individual can hold an opinion, an institution cannot).

Always try other avenues for information relating to your stories first:

  • All University press releases can be found on the Kingston University website.
  • The Press Office also sends press releases and news alerts to relevant journalism lecturers and to The River editors' email address.
  • Information on current student numbers and the latest financial statements can be found on the University's website.
  • For stories about a particular academic's research, please contact that person directly. You will also need to bear in mind that they will also have very heavy workloads and may not have time to reply.
  • If you need a Students' Union comment – go to the Students' Union directly.
  • Queries relating to buildings and campus developments should be sent to the stakeholder engagement manager, Deirdre Ferrier.

All other inquiries must be sent to the Press Office in the first instance. These include:

  • Questions for Vice-Chancellor Professor Julius Weinberg. We will direct your inquiry to him.
  • Inquiries for all other administrative departments (including Student Services, Human Resources, Information Services, Finance, Development, Alumni Relations and Events, the Planning Office, University Secretary's Office, UK and International Marketing and Academic Registry). We will redirect them to the appropriate department.  Please bear in mind that they are also very busy and may not have time to respond.
  • Requests to contact a specific student or member of staff. We cannot release personal details as the Data Protection Act prevents us from doing so without the individual's consent. However, if you have followed these guidelines, including providing three days' notice of your deadline, and if we are logistically able to do so, we will forward one message from you on to the individual in question. It will then be up to them if they wish to respond and help you with your inquiry or not. Please note we are only able to respond to one student request to contact a specific individual on a particular story, not multiple inquiries.

If you are a third year or postgraduate journalism student or have been commissioned to write an article for Kingston Tab and have an inquiry that you think should be sent to the Press Office, the following steps must be taken:

  • Email in the first instance, clearly stating your deadline.
  • Ask no more than three questions.
  • Give us plenty of advance warning before your deadline – at least three working days.
  • Please do not email individual Press Office staff as they may be in meetings or working away from the office. We cannot answer enquiries sent to individual emails.
  • Only contact us during working hours, Monday–Friday 9.00am–5.30pm. We are not able to deal with inquiries outside office hours or at weekends.
  • Please do not duplicate other requests – check with your coursemates to see who is working on particular stories so that the Press Office only receives one request, rather than several, for the same information.
  • Do not send individual inquiries to multiple people across the University. This wastes time for the members of staff concerned and reduces the chance of you receiving a response in time for your deadline.

Kingston University first and second year assignment inquiries

Due to the high volume of other work we undertake, the Press Office has agreed with journalism lecturers that we can only assist with inquiries from third year and postgraduate journalism students and those students who have been commissioned to write a story for Kingston Tab. We are therefore usually unable to help with first and second year journalism students' assignments. 

Student journalists from other institutions

Unfortunately due to the high volume of inquiries we already handle in the Kingston University Press Office from our own student journalists, we are unable to assist with your stories or filming requests.

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