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Enrolment and attendance

Please remind your son or daughter that is crucial that students read and keep all the information that the University sends them. Where they need to complete and return any forms to the University, it is important that they do so as soon as possible.

  • When does my son/daughter enrol at Kingston University?
    We will send your son/daughter full information about enrolment so please ensure that they read all the information we provide very carefully.

    It is important that your son/daughter checks their email regularly for updates on their enrolment.
  • What should my son/daughter do before they enrol?
    Make sure your son/daughter understands the conditions of enrolment, our commitment to them and what we expect from our students in return.
    • They should read our Student Partnership Agreement (PDF). This has been drawn up with the students' union to explain our commitment to them and what we expect from students in return.
    • They should also read the General Student Regulations within the policies and regulations section so they understand the conditions of enrolment.
  • What should my son/daughter do after they've enrolled?
    After they have enrolled and collected their ID card, the next stop is the Welcome Centre, where they will find all they need to know about the support services we have to offer including:
    • registering with a doctor;
    • the NUS Extra card;
    • the Fitness Centre;
    • information points;
    • health and wellbeing services;
    • the Union of Kingston Students volunteering opportunities and societies;
    • KU Talent (careers and employability support);
    • the Alumni Association;
    • student funding;
    • faith and spirituality support;
    • sustainability at Kingston;
    • the Student HUB;
    • One Kingston (promoting equality and respect);
    • accommodation; and access to council tax exemption certificates (dependant on their course).

    Please feel free to come and find out more about all of the support on offer for your son/daughter as well as things they can get involved with to map their journey and create a road to success.
  • Can I find out about my son/daughter's attendance?
    Due to legal constraints we cannot provide direct responses to third-party enquiries, including those of parents, in relation to, for example, attendance, health, performance or relationships. Via the Student Office, we can of course advise that students contact/inform parents etc, but they are under no obligation to accept such advice.
  • If there is an emergency, can I contact my son/daughter?
    Yes, through the Student Office. Of course you may be able to contact them on their mobile or via their halls of residence also.
  • What are the term dates?
    The University's standard academic year runs from September to July, divided into three terms. Most taught programmes are delivered in two semesters, but the actual dates may vary.

    • Autumn term
      Monday 26 September – Friday 16 December 2016 (new students from Monday 19 September 2016)
    • Spring term
      Monday 9 January – Friday 7 April 2017
    • Summer term
      Monday 24 April – Friday 23 June 2017
    Enrolment takes place throughout the year so students on some courses may start at a different time. Your son or daughter will be able to access full information about their course after they've enrolled online.
    Detailed information about attendance patterns, and any changes to the standard term dates by programmes of study, should be obtained from the relevant school office.

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