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Art & Space MA: Who teaches this course

About Kingston School of Art

FADA facultyThis course is delivered by Kingston School of Art.

Kingston School of Art has its roots in the studio-based approach of Britain's art school system (the original School of Art was founded in the 1890s).

Today, for most courses, learning still takes place in our specialist studios, each subject area having its own fully-equipped studio, where you take part in classes, tutorials and critical reviews with fellow students. This strong studio culture also ensures regular interaction between students and tutors.

For non studio-based courses, learning takes place in classroom-based seminars, tutorials and lectures, alongside site visits to museums, galleries, auction houses and other creative professional environments.

Our students are encouraged to engage closely with the diverse businesses that make London one of the most important centres for the creative industries. Our industry connections mean we provide unique study opportunities, such as:

  • the chance to have your work seen by eminent members of your profession;
  • 'live' projects, site visits and placements in prestigious companies or institutions; and
  • project work and workshops with visiting lecturers and industry specialists.

Our excellent reputation means that industry leaders regularly visit our student shows to see the best of the new talent.

Where is Kingston School of Art based?  Kingston School of Art is based at the Kingston School of Art at Knights Park campus, where our well-equipped facilities offer a modern study environment so that you graduate with cutting-edge skills and knowledge.

Staff teaching on this course

Course directors

Cullinan Richards is a collaboration between Jeanine Richards and Charlotte Cullinan. Their research interests are concerned with painting/sculpture as performance-event, as well as the exhibition as material.

Roman Vasseur

Roman Vasseur works as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Fine Art at Kingston School of Art. He is an artist and researcher currently completing a PhD from Goldsmiths College, London.

Milena Dragicevic

Melena Dragicevic is a practising artist. Her research interests focus around modes of abstraction in painting.

Esther Windsor

Esther Windsor is a curator, artist and writer, teaching critical theory with specialism in subjectivities and psychoanalysis.

Peter Fillingham

Peter Fillingham is an artist and curator, with research in sculpture and the functionality of objects and their misappropriation.

Dustin Ericksen

Dustin Ericksen runs an artist space in central London, he calls Naming Rights. Employing a variety of media his practice is concerned with social spaces, information and the individual as well as ideas of motion and perception.

Visiting tutors past and present

The curator Christabel Stewart, the curator Susanne Neubauer, Professor Mike Nelson, the writer and curator Tom Morton, art writer and critical theorist Robert Garnett, the artist book publisher Elle Vonne Brown, the artist Armaud Desjardin and artist guest speakers include: Katrin Bohm, Celine Conderelli, Sarah Staton among others.

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This course is taught at Kingston School of Art, Knights Park

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This course is taught at Kingston School of Art, Knights Park

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