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Criminology MA: Who teaches this course

About the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

FASS FacultyThis course is delivered by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

As a student on this course, you will benefit from a lively study environment, thanks to the wide range of postgraduate courses on offer.

The Faculty provides a vibrant and forward-thinking environment for study with:

  • courses designed in collaboration with industry professionals – keeping you up to date with the latest developments;
  • established connections with the London arts and media scene – with a range of guest speakers, professors and lecturers visiting the University; and
  • committed and enthusiastic staff – many of whom are expert practitioners as well as leading academics and researchers.

The Faculty's combination of academics and practitioners makes it a unique environment in which to further your studies and your career.

Where is the Faculty based? Most students are based at the University's Penrhyn Road campus, with our music courses taught at the Kingston Hill campus.

Staff teaching on this course

Dr Cecilia Cappel

Dr Cecilia Cappel's general research and teaching interests are in the fields of race, gender and interpersonal violence. Her current research interests are diverse and include the responses of Black majority churches' to domestic abuse, as well as the development of curricula and pedagogies within criminology that encourage active student participation.

Dr Sylvie Collins-Mayo

Dr Sylvie Collins-Mayo has extensive research experience specialising in the sociology of religion. Her work has included both qualitative and quantitative methods and is orientated to the application of social research within faith based settings. She has written a number of books and journal articles with a particular focus on young people's religious beliefs, attitudes and behaviours.

Dr Rachael Dobson

Dr Rachael Dobson's research examines policies and practices that are used to change, influence and challenge the behaviour of welfare service users who are deemed both vulnerable and transgressive. Rachael critically explores the multiple and interrelated factors that structure institutional, organisational and day-to-day practice techniques. Rachael has researched practices across diverse statutory and non-statutory sector organisations, in social housing, homelessness, prison and asylum seeker support sectors. Informed by international research and theoretical framings from feminist and post-structural analyses of social relations, power and agency, Rachael's empirical work on 'regulatory interventions' enables her to conceptualise practitioners, social policy and the state.

Dr Francis Dodsworth

Francis Dodsworth explores crime, policing and security, particularly personal security and self-defence, from the perspectives of cultural history and cultural studies. 

Professor David Herbert

Professor David Herbert has expertise in the sociology of religion and the sociology health.

Dr Joanna Jamel, Senior lecturer in criminology

Dr Joanna Jamel has a multi-disciplinary background in sociology, investigative and forensic psychology as well as being a criminologist. Joanna has conducted research on male rape: examining the specialist police response; its incidence in male sex work; its representation in the print media, and victim resistance strategies. She is also interested in the policing of transphobic hate crime. Her research on male rape examined the specialist police response to this crime with the assistance of Project Sapphire of the London Metropolitan Police. The findings of this research were disseminated to Project Sapphire and the Crime Academy to inform specialist police training and have also been used by West Mercia Police in this regard. Other research on the commercial male sex work industry investigated client-perpetrated sexual violence against male escorts. In addition, she has also analysed the print media representation of male rape. Her current research focuses on the policing of transphobic hate crime and she continues to research issues relating to the sexual violation of adult males.

Amy Mitchell

Amy Mitchell is from a youth justice practitioner background and has undertaken research in bail supervision programmes and child protection. She is currently on the steering group committee for the Institute of Child Centred Inter-professional Practice. Amy has oversight of work-based learning and teach postgraduate modules on 'Organisations and Institutional Practices' and 'Evaluation and Analysis in the Field'.

Dr Maria Silvestri

Dr Marisa Silvestri's main research interests lie in the broad field of policing, gender and criminal justice. More specifically her work has centred on exploring the position and role of women in police leadership and the gendered nature of the criminal justice system in relation to its impact on women offenders and victims, more broadly. She is currently working on exploring the gender impacts of the current police reform agenda on the selection of its chief officers. Dr Silvestri has worked with national and international colleagues in facilitating workshops, seminars, round tables and conferences, engaging participation with those working in government, the voluntary sector and service users. 

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This course is taught at Penrhyn Road

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This course is taught at Penrhyn Road

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