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Forensic Psychology MSc: Facilities

Psychology facilities

Our psychology suite comprises purpose-built teaching and research laboratories.

Facilities and equipment include:

  • A large teaching laboratory with computers, a scanner and laser printer
    These are available outside of teaching periods for students to conduct practical work; a large observation/test room with remote controlled digital cameras and microphones connected to a monitoring room. The room has soft chairs and coffee tables to promote a relaxing atmosphere. This room also serves as a generic research space. There are a large number of data points and computers can be wheeled into the room for the testing of multiple participants (at least six). A monitor room can be used to monitor activity in the observation/test room but can also act as separate, generic research space. The monitor room has recording equipment and video editing facilities including a DVD burner for storing digital video recordings, or it can serve as space to test two participants.
  • Four other laboratories are located nearby in the psychology space
    Two of these are eye-tracker laboratories: one holds an Eyelink II eyetracker which is primarily used for studies of visual attention and neuropsychology; the other holds a Tobii T120 eyetracker and is primarily used for studies of developmental disorders such as autism and Williams syndrome. The third laboratory houses psychophysiological monitoring equipment (Biopac MP100 Advanced system) and neuropsychological test apparatus (CANTAB Eclipse with touch screen tablet PC) and is configured as a psychopharmacology laboratory (including drug balance, lockable refrigerator, scales, sink etc). The fourth laboratory houses the driving simulator. All of the laboratories have good light attenuation and an in-use light indication system, and contain at least networked computers.
  • Six generic laboratories (which are also suitable for interviews)
    All are equipped with two networked dual-function Mac/Windows computers, tables and chairs. A dedicated psychology storeroom houses the psychometric test bank (for loan). We allocate funds to maintain the currency of the psychometric store. Noldus/Tracksys Observer XT behaviour measurement system for observational studies and analyses, as well as other portable psychophysiological monitors of blood pressure, GSR, and blood-alcohol concentration are available for students.
  • Video cameras and digital recording devices
    A large number of devices are available for use in experiments and projects during the course of study.

About our modern learning environment

There is a wide range of facilities at our Penrhyn Road campus, where this course is based.

Penrhyn Road campusThe campus has grown around the original four-storey main building, which houses many of the important hubs of activity like the main student restaurant, the learning resources centre (LRC), and a host of teaching rooms and lecture theatres.

At the heart of the campus is the John Galsworthy building, a £20million teaching and learning facility. The six-storey complex brings together lecture theatres, flexible teaching space and information technology suites around a landscaped courtyard.

The £9.8million Eadweard Muybridge building also provides spacious specialist laboratories and teaching spaces.

Find out more about the Penrhyn Road campus in the virtual tour.

Learning resources centre

Penrhyn Road Learning Resources CentreThe Penrhyn Road Learning Resources Centre (LRC) gives you access to a large collection of printed and electronic resources. There are drop-in PC areas, video and DVD facilities, satellite TV and a variety of study spaces zoned for different types of learning activity. The wireless network in the LRC means you can also work from your laptop or mobile device.

There's also a reading garden, which offers an oasis of calm when you want to get away from it all, plus a Learning Cafe where you can study over a cup of coffee and a snack. Help and information is on hand for students with disabilities or special learning needs.

Find out more about the Penrhyn Road Learning Resources Centre in the virtual tour.

Graduate Centre

For postgraduate students only, you can also use the dedicated Graduate Centre on campus. The Graduate Centre at Penrhyn Road (based in the LRC) has PCs, printers, a silent study room and a group-work area.

Resources in London

Kingston is just a 25-minute train journey away from central London. Here you can access a wealth of additional libraries and archives, including the British Library.

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This course is taught at Penrhyn Road

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This course is taught at Penrhyn Road

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