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Master of Business Administration MBA: What our students say

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One of the key attributes of the Kingston MBA is the diversity of its student community. Students come from a variety of business and non-business backgrounds, bringing a range of skills and knowledge to enhance the learning experience on the MBA.

Our students and graduates attest to the significant boost the course has given them, both in their professional lives and in their personal development and level of confidence. Below is a sample of what they have to say about their time at Kingston.

Neha Dave

Neha Dave: "A global perspective on business and the interdependency of businesses around the world"

Course: MBA (full time)

Year of entry: September 2011

As part of her MBA, Neha Dave took her Global Business elective at the Academy of National Economy in Moscow in January 2012. Here she describes the highlights of the trip.

"The lectures by Professor Robin Matthews - JM Keynes Professor of Management at the Academy of National Economy - challenged us to explore and think beyond the obvious while Dr Amelia Au-Yeung - principal lecturer at Kingston - used the case study methodology and application of theory to understand it. The mix of teaching methods was a highlight of the trip as was learning and interacting with the Russian students - a much bigger group than we are used to. That evening we were invited to be part of the reception for the Kingston alumni in Moscow.

The main purpose of the study trip was to get a global perspective on business and the interdependency of businesses around the world. As countries become more dependent on each other through bilateral trade relations and strategic treaties and as firms expand globally, the world interdependencies also increase proportionately. Apple gets affected by a strike in China and a recession that kicked off in the United States in the West can slump growth in the eastern world to varying extents. A crisis in Greece has a multi-fold impact on the Euro zone crisis and its stronger nations. Global business is not just an extension of setting up business in another country; it is about integrating the local factors as part of a firm's global strategy. Even the most experienced and big businesses can get it wrong if they miss the big picture and undermine the influence of the local culture and factors.

The assignment work for the Global Business elective was a good learning experience. Part one was a group assignment done by a mix of students from Russia and London (groups of six to ten members) and gave all an opportunity to work and interact with people from diverse cultures, attitudes and mind sets. It was an important lesson in challenges encountered when working with people of different mind sets in a big group. In contrast, part two was an individual assignment but we were given the option to do it in pairs (one student from Russia and the other from London) to enhance the global experience. One advantage of going to Russia on a study trip was to experience the country itself. Moscow is a great mix of culture, growth, oligarchy, Putinism, the emergence of the new world economy in Russia after decades of the Cold War and Russian spy era. The Moscow visit and the course increased my awareness and exposure and enriched the study experience of the MBA."


Oliver Holliday

Oliver Holliday: "an invaluable experience"

Course: MBA

Oliver Holliday also took his Global Business elective at the Academy of National Economy in Moscow in January 2012.

"Studying closely with the Russian students working towards their MBA was an invaluable experience. All the differences, especially in language, presented some difficulties. However, the fruits of cross-cultural collaboration and the pluralist viewpoints that emerged made it a thoroughly interesting process and one I believe was a critical lesson of my MBA.

If you can bear the cold – although it was the heat inside buildings I had most to deal with – I would wholeheartedly recommend participating on the trip. On both personal and professional accounts I have benefited greatly from the expedition."


Name:  Alexander Baker
Course:  MBA


Name:  Karen MacDonald
Course:  MBA


Name:  Danesh Banajee
Course:  MBA


Mohammad Kashmoula: "It was very intensive, non-stop, enjoyable, once in a life time experience"

Course: MBA

Mohammad took a trip to India while studying for his MBA.

"I personally had an amazing experience in India and so did my cohort. The main highlights were as follows:

Amazing hospitality from the IILM team, they greeted us at the airport and had a welcoming ceremony arranged for us and they stayed with us all throughout the trip until the last day when we left to the airport. They were amazing, very kind, helpful and welcoming, looked after us in every aspect.

In terms of the academic experience, they arranged two academic field visits, one was to see how certain companies used India as a base for their customer services telephone calls, and the other one was to visit a site where they reproduced paper and supported young children to get educated and find work to experience the other side of the community.

In terms of experiencing India the country, they arranged a variety of activities, we went to a live Bollywood theatre, we went to Taj Mahal and we went on a two day trip to the holy river Ganges, we stayed in the main yoga town overnight and the second day we went on a river rafting trip which was an absolutely amazing experience.

We learned about the Indian culture, the Indian economy and how the developing economies are progressing, we had a variety of lecturers teaching us every day around marketing, culture and global economy in the business context.
It was very intensive, non-stop, enjoyable, once in a life time experience."


Name: Imran Khan
Course: MBA

Imran talks about the facilities and value for money of the Kingston MBA:

Imran goes on to talk about study groups and the work environment on the Kingston MBA programme:


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