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Network & Information Security / with Management Studies Masters (MSc): What our students say

Student profiles

Don't just take our word for it – here's what students say about what it's like to study at Kingston University.

Simon Kudzma

Name: Simon Kudzma
Course: Computer Science (Network Communications) BSc(Hons) and Networking and Information Security with Management Studies MSc

"After graduating from my first degree I joined IT outsourcing company, Steria, as a technical consultant on implementation and support for command and control systems for police forces in the UK. After three years in that role I thought it would be a good time to gain more qualifications and knowledge in order to change job, get promoted and/or achieve something more.

I enjoyed studying at Kingston during my undergraduate course so I decided to come back and already having knowledge of how everything is run and organised in the University has allowed me to concentrate on studying and covering course material more efficiently. Kingston University (KU) is a good place to study this course. The available resources, way of presenting material and help from KU staff are the strengths of KU.

I am studying for my MSc part time while working full time. The option to study part time while working full time was big factor for me, as me and my partner were expecting a baby at the time. Ensuring I would receive enough income every month was very important and still is with a small child in the family.

Working in industry after my degree gave me relevant experience and working knowledge of IT systems which was helpful while studying towards my masters degree. Since starting the MSc I have changed job and I recently started work as technical consultant for the global industry leader organisation in mobile device management, AirWatch. I believe even studying towards my MSc qualification helped me to get my current role and I hope after my graduation I will be able to move to a senior position. As my MSc course is covering some business and management modules, longer term I'm hoping to achieve a team lead role in the company.

I think in the current economic climate obtaining extra qualifications is a benefit and it makes a difference when applying for new job. Industry experience is important, however employer's are looking very fondly on a person who is constantly trying to improve his knowledge and qualifications."


Reema Patel

Name: Reema Patel
Course: Network and Information Security with Management Studies MSc

"I chose to study at Kingston University because of its high ranking for teaching quality. I've found this reputation to be justified – all the lecturers I've come across have been very friendly, helpful and encouraging.

"I received a teaching assistant scholarship from the Faculty which teaches my course. This not only provided me with financial support, but also an opportunity to interact with undergraduate students. There are people from all different countries studying at the University, which provides a great opportunity to understand different cultures and lifestyles.

"In my free time I have been exploring the different tourist places in London with friends, such as the London Eye, museums, and many more such places. It's a beautiful city, and there is always something new to be experienced every day. I am thoroughly enjoying my time here.

"After I complete my MSc, I'd like to gain some experience working in the UK and then go back and work in my home country. Kingston University has a number of job fairs for students throughout the year for part-time, summer internship and full-time jobs. They also advise on CV writing and other attributes needed to get a job.

"I would recommend studying at Kingston University to anyone who wants to enjoy a good studying environment, meet people from different cultural backgrounds, and experience the colourful life in the Kingston town."


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Informatics MSc student, Pete Stevens, talks about his experience at Kingston University:

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This course is taught at Penrhyn Road

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This course is taught at Penrhyn Road

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