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Sport and Exercise Science MSc: Facilities

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Sport and exercise provision

A sport and exercise science student at Kingston University will have access to labs for anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, performance analysis, blood chemistry analyses and practical coaching sessions at Tolworth Sports Ground.  The facilities are equipped to the highest standards ensuring the highest quality academic underpinning knowledge and practical experience is provided to students.  Both undergraduate and postgraduate students in sport and exercise science have access to the following facilities and experience every aspect of laboratory assessment.


Exercise Physiology Suite

This laboratory is separated into five designated rooms.  The two larger laboratory spaces are equipped with 5 Monark cycle ergometers, a treadmill with incline-decline gradient, rowing and kayak ergometers, a Lode Excalibur Sport air braked cycle ergometer, 2 electromagnetically controlled cycle ergometers, Douglas bag apparatus and 2 breath by breath analysers and K4 and K5 portable apparatus). Physiology teaching can examine the scientific means for improving health and sporting performance of individuals and squads/teams. The aims of our laboratory based teaching is to provide knowledge and application of: -

  • physiological testing, assessment and monitoring practises on diet, health, well-being and performance enhancement
  • measurement of physiological responses in real-life training or sporting situations
  • performance analysis and profiling of athlete(s)
  • planning training programs with coaches to maximise physiological adaptation and performance.

The remaining three laboratories house a body composition area which includes a Bod Pod, Tanita segmental analyser and Tanita abdominal fat analyser and numerous other anthropometric assessment tools. We have a designated room equipped to measure blood biochemistry from capillary and venous sampling and the final room is designed for preparation of sport nutrition supplements.

The University also has two environmental chambers to mimic heat and altitude conditions.   The heat chamber enables athletes to prepare for extreme environmental conditions through climatic simulation. Central to our facilities is a purpose-built heat chamber that can control ambient temperature (10 to 40oC) and relative humidity (20 to 90%), thereby allowing us to provide heat acclimation strategies and pre-cooling to help athletes with their preparation for competition in hot, humid conditions.  When exercising in these conditions we can accurately monitor core and skin temperature and calculate sweat rate to help optimise hydration levels. Guidance on fluid replacement strategies can also be given for different sports or activities.  Our state of the art altitude chamber is large enough to contain either a cycle ergometer or treadmill and can simulate altitudes of up to 3500m (12,000 feet) above sea level. The altitude chamber is ideal for altitude training and acclimatisation purposes.

The Biomechanics and Performance Analysis Suite

The Biomechanics Suite is separated into four designated rooms.  The largest is equipped with a six camera 3D motion capture analysis and 2 embedded force platforms.  The isokinetic dynamometer is housed in its own area to isolate muscle torque and velocity relations and measure muscle activations through electromyography.  The Performance Analysis area houses 12 Apple Macbook Pros and 12 Laptops for notational analysis running Gamebreaker and Focus X2 sport analysis software.  The final area is the Anatomy room where students have the opportunity to further their understanding of the skeletal and muscular systems with the numerous real models and interactive programmes via integrated smartboard technology. 

Sport Coaching Facilities

Students You will learn some of the practical and coaching aspects of your course by using the University's sport facilities.  There is a well equipped fitness centre at Penhryn Road, together with outdoor facilities at our Tolworth Court Sports Ground. 

Tolworth Court has very recently added a new sport pavilion, alongside:

  • 14 football pitches and 2 rugby pitches
  • 2 cricket squares and 1 artificial wicket
  • Mini soccer pitches
  • Floodlit training area
  • 2 netball and 3 tennis courts
  • 6 seven a-side hardcourt football pitches.

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This course is taught at Penrhyn Road

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This course is taught at Penrhyn Road

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