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Terrorism and Political Violence MSc: Who teaches this course

About the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

FASS FacultyThis course is delivered by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

As a student on this course, you will benefit from a lively study environment, thanks to the wide range of postgraduate courses on offer. The Faculty's combination of academics and practitioners makes it a unique environment in which to further your studies and your career.

The Faculty provides a vibrant and forward-thinking environment for study with:

  • courses designed in collaboration with industry professionals – keeping you up to date with the latest developments;
  • established connections with the London arts and media scene – with a range of guest speakers, professors and lecturers visiting the University; and
  • committed and enthusiastic staff – many of whom are expert practitioners as well as leading academics and researchers.

The Faculty's combination of academics and practitioners makes it a unique environment in which to further your studies and your career.

Where is the Faculty based? Most students are based at the University's Penrhyn Road campus, with our music courses taught at the Kingston Hill campus.

Staff teaching on this course

Dr Steven Bastow

Dr Steven Bastow is Director of Studies and a researcher for the European Research Centre. His specialist subjects and research interests include European ideologies of the 20th century.

Dr Paul Dixon

Dr Paul Dixon's research interests are in the politics of conflict. He is interested in conflict resolution theory and the role of politics in managing both violent and non-violent conflict. His specialist areas are the Northern Ireland conflict and the British approach to counterinsurgency and military intervention. Paul is completing a book on The British Approach to Counterinsurgency: From Malaya to Afghanistan (Palgrave 2012). He has published widely on the conflict in Northern Ireland including Northern Ireland: The Politics of War and Peace (Palgrave, 2008, 2nd edition) and is working on a book on The Northern Ireland Peace Process (Routledge). He has published articles in Terrorism and Political Violence, Journal of Strategic Studies, Review of International Studies, Journal of Peace Research, Political Studies Quarterly and Political Studies.

Dr Sam Raphael

Dr Sam Raphael's research interests are in American foreign policy and the use of force, particularly in regards to the 'war on terror'. His My publications include a book on US foreign policy and oil: Global Energy Security and American Hegemony (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010), and he has published in leading journals in the field. Sam is currently engaged in an ESRC-funded project with Dr Ruth Blakeley at Kent University, called The Globalisation of Rendition and Secret Detention. In this project, they are working with a range of NGOs to bring together and analyse all available data on the network of CIA secret prisons and prisoner transfers in the 'war on terror'.

Dr Orna Almog

Dr Orna Almog's areas of interest include the Arab-Israeli conflict; Israeli foreign policy; the Politics of the Middle East form the end of WWI to present; mediation in Middle Eastern conflicts; religious fundamentalism; and women and conflicts. Currently she is working on a new monograph on the role of international mediation in Middle Eastern conflicts, with particular reference to the US. Her book Britain, Israel and the US: Beyond Suez was published in 2003 (Frank Cass). This year Orna was awarded the Elie Kedouri British academy grant for travel research and at present is editing an article titled 'The Palestinian Issue in the Camp David Accord'. Orna's article on religious fundamentalism in Israel and Rabin's assassination was published this year, and is part of her study on the Oslo accord.

Dr Radu Cinpoes

Dr Radu Cinpoes' research focuses on exploring articulations of national identity and the construction of nationhood. While a large part of his work has been concerned with these processes in the context of communism and transition from communism in Central and Eastern Europe, he has been investigating similar processes in wider contexts (looking at, among other things, European identity). Linked to the issues of identity and belonging, Radu's current research project deals with migration, taking a critical realist approach to the relationship between structure and agency in shaping migration processes.

Dr Andrew Higginbottom

Dr Andrew Higginbottom's doctoral research was on multinational corporations and human rights in Colombia. He is a proponent of research oriented to solidarity action and is now researching the political economy of foreign investment, especially the social and environmental impacts of extractive industries. Andrew's current theoretical concerns focus on synthesising Marx's theory of rent with the concept of super-exploitation developed by Latin American writers.

Dr Atsuko Ichijo

Dr Atsuko Ichijo's research interests are found at the intersection between nationalism studies and European studies, and the relationship between contemporary nationalism and development of European integration has been a major focus of my research. She has two monographs on the topic. In relation to this, she is also interested in theories of nationalism, the 'West'-'East' contrast in nationalism and nationalism's relationship to modernity. Currently Atsuko is co-ordinating a European Commission funded collaborative research project with nine partners across Europe on European identities.

Professor Francois Nectoux

Professor Francois Nectoux's research and teaching activities spread over several fields, especially Media & Cultural Studies and International Politics. This variety finds its origin in the professional experience he gained from the 1970s and 1980s as an international consultant (for the OECD for instance), and as a researcher in international environmental economics and politics. Francois has also lectured in French economic studies and, earlier, in development studies in Algiers (Algeria).

Dr Robin Pettitt

Dr Robin Pettitt's research focuses on political organisations that serve as conduits between civil society and the state, particularly political parties. His interests have been largely based on national politics, but he is moving into the politics of representation at the EU level. Robin also has an interest in the uses and abuses of marketing techniques in politics and in research methodology.

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This course is taught at Penrhyn Road

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This course is taught at Penrhyn Road

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