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User Experience Design MSc: Who teaches this course

About Digital Media Kingston

This course is delivered by Digital Media Kingston.

Digital Media Kingston (DMK) is an interdisciplinary, collaborative project between the School of Computer Science and Mathematics, and School of Design at Kingston University. Its mission is to bring together creative expression, theoretical analysis, scientific rigour and technological innovation to underpin innovation and excellence in the computational arts.

The teaching element of the DMK project delivers a suite of four related courses: Computer Animation MA, Games Development (Design) MA, User Experience Design MSc, and Games Development (Programming) MSc. You will share the majority of your taught modules with students taking these digital media courses.

Staff teaching on this course

Professor Vesna Brujic-Okretic

Title: Professor Vesna Brujic-Okretic 

Dr Martin Colbert

Title: Course director, module leader
Website: course blog
Research interests: user experience of online services
Highlights: Google Research Award; contracts with Oracle UK, Infoshare Ltd

Martin Colbert trained at Ergonomics Unit, University College London, in 1986, and also spent the first decade of his career there, working as a research associate. Research projects covered all aspects of human computer interaction and sponsors throughout UK and Europe – from development methods for expert systems and Windows 3 desktop videophones to interactive television and design patterns for naval command and control.  Martin joined the academic staff at Kingston University London in 1998, establishing the usability lab (2006) and user-centered masters course (2007).

His recent research interests include mobile users' activities, contexts of use and performance, particularly in the context of rendezvousing and commuting. He is currently studying online advertising, particularly the trade off between usability, credibility and persuasion, and online indicators of users and ease of use.

He has conducted commercial work throughout his career for Oracle UK, the Department for Work and Pensions, and local businesses such as Worldwide Aviation (, Infoshare (data quality management).

He also maintains the course website research vehicle, the User Experience Design MSccourse blog and personal websites on and Behance.

Nalini Edwards

Title: Guest lecturer
Research interests: persuasive user journeys
Highlights: contract with Department for Work & Pensions

Dr Darrel Greenhill

Title: Associate professor, field leader

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The British Computer Society (BCS) accredits this course which means you may be able to gain exemptions from some BCS professional examinations.

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