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Teacher training (PGCE) students

Students on teacher training (PGCE) courses can access the following funding help in 2015/16. You may also be eligible for extra help if you have dependents.

The details quoted on this page are subject to confirmation and may change. We strongly advise that you check all information before making a final decision.

Students from England

You may be eligible for a package of support including:

  • a low-interest maintenance loan (which you pay back once you are earning); and/or
  • a non-repayable maintenance grant (which you do not have to pay back).

Maintenance loans: This is the main source of support for students in higher education. It helps you to pay for things like accommodation, travel, books, course equipment and living expenses.

There are two maximum rates of maintenance loan:

  • £8,009 if you live in your own or rented accommodation whilst studying; and
  • £4,565 if you live in your parents' home whilst studying.

The maximum maintenance loan rate increases in line with inflation each year but (for courses of more than one year) will be lower in the final year of your course (because it doesn't cover the summer vacation for that year).

Part of the maintenance loan is income-assessed so the amount you get may be reduced if your household income is more than around £42,875.

Interest will be charged (at the same rate as the tuition loan) from the time the first instalment is paid until you have repaid it.

Maintenance grants: maintenance grants provide additional non-repayable support for your living costs. It is paid instead of part of your maintenance loan (up to £1,693) and is fully income-assessed as follows:

Household income Amount of grant
Below £25,000
Between £25,001 and £42,620 £3,346–£50
£42,621 or higher Nil

Summary of funding: here is a summary of the student finance you might receive to help with your living expenses:

Household income
Maintenance grant
Maintenance loan (London rate)
Total student finance for living costs
£0–£25,000 £3,387 £6,316 £9,703
£30,000 £2,441 £6,789 £9,230
£40,000 £547 £7,736 £8,283
£50,000 £0 £7,267 £7,267
£60,000 £0 £6,224 £6,224
£70,000 and above
£0 £5,205 £5,205

(Figures are subject to confirmation and may change.)

Teacher training bursary

Non-repayable and non-taxable bursaries are available from the Government.

For more information, please visit the Department for Education's website.

Students from other parts of the UK

Funding for students from other parts of the UK differs. For information please refer to the following websites:

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Student Life Centre: Advisory Team
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Contact us

Student Life Centre: Advisory Team
Tel: +44 (0)20 8417 7312

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