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Students with dependents

Extra financial help is available for postgraduate students with dependents if you are:

The help available includes the following:

Adult Dependents Grant

If you have a husband, wife partner or other adult family member who is financially dependent on you, you could be eligible for this allowance of up to £2,642* per year. You will not have to repay this grant.

Parents Learning Allowance

If you are a full-time student with dependent children and your household income is below a set amount, you may be eligible for this grant of up to £1,508* per year. The grant is disregarded for benefit purposes.

Childcare Grant

A means-tested grant of up to £148.75* per week, or up to £255* per week if you are responsible for two or more dependents, for full-time students only. The award is based on 85% of actual registered or approved childcare costs, year round.

Benefits and Tax Credits

Most students with child dependents can also claim tax credits (some can also claim benefits) from the Inland Revenue. Contact our Student Funds team or find out about Tax Credits.

*Please note that these are the 2012/13 figures although they are not expected to change.

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