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Subject-specific activities in politics

If you have Year 12 pupils who have expressed an interest in politics, we are offering the following activity:

Politics masterclass

  • Year group: Year 12
  • Date and time: Various dates, approximately 1–2 hours

Our politics masterclass aims to foster a link between the types of teaching and concepts encountered at GCSE/A-level and those at university, helping students to see how they can progress with their current studies and helping to raise their aspirations. Sessions are structure around a short 'mini-lecture' that introduces some of the topics and ideas for discussion, followed by a seminar type exercise that invites students to engage with a specific problem.

This helps to develop students' skills in analysis and critical thinking through various activities such as a structured debate, policy development exercise, role-play or media source.

Possible topics for politics masterclasses include:


  • Key traditional ideologies – liberalism, conservatism, social democracy, Marxism, fascism, anarchism
  • Newer critical ideologies – feminism, environmentalism, neo-liberalism/Thatcherism, anti-globalisation, contemporary Anti-capitalism, post-colonialism, multiculturalism
  • Power and authority and dissent

Human rights

  • Contemporary human rights protection mechanisms
  • Humanitarian intervention
  • Ethical foreign policy

Global politics

  • The state in international relations
  • Global governance and international organisations
  • Terrorism and political violence
  • Power in the international system
  • Globalisation
  • International law

Sessions can also be tailored to link with topics currently being studied by your students, let us know your specific requirements when booking.

The masterclass can be delivered either in school/college or at Kingston University (please specify at booking which you prefer).

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