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EquasKingston University has recently taken on a new KTP with Equas, a UK company that supplies consultancy services and web based software applications that support organisations to improve their management systems.

The project has been transferred from the University of the West of England, when lead academic, Professor Umut Turksen, joined Kingston University's Law School in January 2016.

The challenge

Equas had identified a latent demand for its service in the Middle East, where no such offering existed. The company needed to be able to provide a system which incorporates not only a database of requirements applicable in the Middle East, but also a means of demonstrating and measuring compliance with these requirements.

One of the challenges surround the identification of the types of compliance methods applied in non-UK jurisdictions and non-western cultures; as well as interpreting and classifying this information into a form that can be easily translated into a searchable and accessible resource.

Project summary

The two-year project involves developing an environmental, health and safety legal compliance software tool for smaller businesses operating in the UAE. There is currently a limited amount of academic and legal expertise and literature available to British companies which are interested in operating in these markets.

Equas seeks to develop in-house knowledge of how to navigate unfamiliar legal structures and share that advice with business clients, through creation of a database and compliance software tool specific to the UAE.

The completion of the project will enable Equas to grow their software sales and consultancy. This is an innovative development as no software products are currently available which can identify legal requirements applicable to a business operating in the UAE, and then provide tools for demonstrating compliance with these requirements. The transfer and scalability of this project are immense, with potential applications in virtually all aspects of business operations and law (including maritime, insurance, health safety, risk management, and environmental protection).

"I am delighted that Kingston agreed to partner with us on this project" said Equas MD, Julian Russell. "The KTP team ensured the transfer from UWE went very smoothly and the project is developing towards a very exciting conclusion."

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