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Learning to Teach for Further and Higher Education Short Course (online distance learning)

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Course information

Why do this course?

This course does not require any previous teaching experience and will provide you with a taster of teaching and an introduction to the complexities of teaching adults.

The course is ideal if you:

  • have little or no experience of teaching but have an interest in teaching adults and finding out more about the profession and its practices; or
  • are a professional looking to pass on your expertise to others eg police officers, engineers, pharmacists, managers; or
  • would like to enter teaching with no previous teaching experience.

Find out more about this course by reading an interview with Colin Clarke (PDF), the course tutor.

Course description

This online course will provide you with a taster for teaching and is designed to give you the confidence to undertake teaching and lecturing assignments by introducing you to the fundamentals of teaching adults in higher and further education.

At the end of the course you will be able to plan and deliver effective teaching to adults that is sensitive to the learner's needs and responsive to their learning preferences. Along with enhancing your practical skills and knowledge this course will develop your critical outlook on teaching and learning.

To provide a flexible learning experience, the course takes place online, in what we call a virtual learning environment (VLE). Prior to the course, you are encouraged to join our online community where you can familiarise yourself with this environment. A combination of readings, videos ,online discussions and group activities are used to explore topics such as active learning, teaching small and large groups, developing a teaching session, and assessment and feedback. Weekly, live, interactive sessions provide opportunities for you to deliver and give feedback to your peers on short teaching events. A critical aspect of the course is supporting you to think about your teaching in a way that facilitates continual development of your teaching practice (known as 'reflective practice').

Using a practical, case studies, approach to learning, we look at examples of successful and effective teaching practice to highlight what works, how it works, and importantly why it works which you can then adapt and use in your own teaching.

Course structure

The course is run by distance education online to provide great flexibility. You will have access to all the teaching materials and associated recommended reading, allowing you to organise your study around your other commitments. You will need to allocate about 12 hours per week study time which includes set synchronous sessions. These one-hour sessions are generally run at 12.30pm (GMT) on each Wednesday during the period of the course.

What will you take away?

After the course, you should be able to:

  1. Describe the primary ingredients of active learning and the functional relationships between the ingredient parts.
  2. Plan and deliver a teaching session to adults, which actively involves students in the learning process.
  3. Practically demonstrate the use of feedback and assessment for developing students' learning and adapting your teaching.
  4. Critically reflect on the continual development of your professional practice.

You will take away from the course lesson plans developed during the course, multimedia examples of your own teaching and presentation(s), confidence and competence in using technology in your own teaching, a reflective journal through the course including goals for your future professional development and documentation and references for your CV and employability.


This is a basic course for those interested in teaching adults; it is a taster. However, for those who go on to obtain teaching posts in higher education, further education, etc, it will be a useful precursor for Kingston University's Learning and Teaching in Higher EducationPgCert.


  • No prior knowledge of teaching is required.
  • English – ability to read and write in English proficiently.
  • Willingness to use and participate in an online learning environment.
  • Regular access to a computer eg desktop, laptop, tablet, high-speed due to synchronous.

Course tutors

  • Dr Colin Clarke, Kingston University's Centre for Higher Education Research and Practice (CHERP)
  • Dr Dejan Ljubojevic, Kingston University's Centre for Higher Education Research and Practice (CHERP)

Booking information

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