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Case studies and films for Summer School with English

Have the summer of your life at Kingston University. Our two-week residential programme is especially designed to make sure that you get the most out of your stay here in one of the greatest cities in the world.

Case study - Cindy"We learnt a lot of English in our classes - it broadened our horizons. The teachers left a very good impression and I am deeply moved by their hospitality." Cindy, MBA student, Beijing

"I really enjoyed my classes and am really going to miss everybody." Michelle, Milan, Italy

"The food was good, everything was organised well and I made lots of friends." Shahul, Sri Lanka

"I'm a big fan of The Beatles and got to go to Abbey Road. It was a dream come true! I also went on the trip to Barclaycard which I enjoyed because I study Finance Management.Case study: Nancy The business classes here taught me to think differently and creatively." Cao Yang, Beijing

"My major is tourism management so I enjoyed the trips very much. It was wonderful to see the difference between tourism in Shanghai and the UK. I will never forget when our teacher, Ben Laker, told us to 'think differently', or when our English teacher, Christina, taught us useful presentation skills." Nancy, MBA student, Beijing

"I've never communicated with people from China before and I've learnt a lotCase study: Shahad - I've really enjoyed studying communications and culture differences." Shahad, Saudi Arabia

"It was good to learn about life in university - I had to do my own cooking and washing. It made me feel like an adult - I even cut my hair. A highlight for me was visiting Eton College because that's where Tom Hiddleston went to school!" Mariyam, Sri Lanka

"I liked walking along the River Thames. The scenery is beautiful and gives me a feeling of peace." Niu, Shanghai, China

Everyone is helpful, and everyone is friendly. Whatever problem I met, they helped me without hesitation. I loved the interaction in the class, I can say whatever I want and was not afraid of grammar mistakes. I went to Wimbledon and totally enjoyed it! I am a great tennis fan so I have dreamed about this for so many years! I also went many places, like the British Museum, Oxford Street and the London Eye. I had a lot of fun. I have also decided to study marketing next term at my university, thanks for the introduction!" Li Ziyun, China 

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