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Health Week 2017 – coming soon, dates to be confirmed

Health Week 2016From 22-28 February 2016 Student Wellbeing ran the annual event to help staff and students achieve healthy lifestyles.

Various classes were being held at the Penrhyn Road Fitness Centre, Tolworth Court and other University sites. Some you have to book to take part in, others you are welcome to just turn up!

As in previous years, it was packed with fun and new activities for all levels of ability, along with inspiration for new ways to get fit and to relax.

Students were especially invited to come and pit their table tennis skills against the PongBot - a robot that fires the ping pong balls at you. The Pongathon Challenge was held on Tuesday 23 February in the main corridor at Penrhyn Road. With a prize for the participant with the highest score, this challenge got hearts pumping!

Other activities and sessions available during Health Week 2016 were:

  • Box circuits
  • Zumba
  • Urban golf
  • Nutritional advice Q&A
  • Rowing challenge
  • Sexual health clinic
  • And the legendary Tower Block Challenge

About Health Week

Health Week has been running for seven years and has grown year on year, not only in terms of the amount of free activities available during the focus week, but also in its continued commitment from Kingston University staff to deliver the wellbeing support services on offer.

Most importantly, the participation numbers of students and staff attending interactive sessions have also grown, with a positive move towards acknowledging the importance of looking after yourself and those around you.

Health Week, usually held in February, offers a wide range of activities, from workout classes, body health checks, desk massage, nutritional advice and food deals, to recreational sport sessions, stress and meditation workshops, faith and sprituality sessions, and smoking and sexual health advice.

It is our aim that those taking part in Health Week will feel inspired, motivated, encouraged and supported by our wellbeing services to also always choose the healthy option while studying and working at Kingston University and beyond.

Let us support you in achieving your personal best...

At Kingston University we always choose the healthy option. Our wellbeing services go the extra mile to ensure that all of our students and staff are getting the best support in all aspects of their lives. For further information, please call 020 8417 2412.

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