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Professor Stella Sandford

Professor of Modern European Philosophy


After receiving my PhD from the University of Essex I taught for some years at Middlesex University, moving to Kingston University in 2010.

Areas of specialism

  • Philosophies of sex and gender
  • Philosophy of natural history
  • Philosophy and psychoanalytical theory
  • Critical Philosophy of race
  • Transdiciplinarity
  • Kant
  • Beauvoir


  • BA Philosophy and History of Ideas
  • MA Continental Philosophy
  • PhD in Philosophy

Professional membership

Executive Committee of the British Philosophical Association (Treasurer)

Society for European Philosophy


Current projects:

Sex Division in Natural History

A research project testing the hypothesis that the category of sex and the two terms which fall under it – male and female – occupy a peculiar and anomalous position in the methods, schemes and systems of classification in the great natural histories from the late-sixteenth to the early nineteenth centuries. Sex is both an immanent structuring principle (to the extent that it functions as part of every system of classification) and a transcendent a priori principle (to the extent that it is presupposed, with no theoretical attention to its justification or status). The research takes its philosophical cue from Immanuel Kant, specifically Kant's distinction between description of nature (an empirical discipline) and natural history (an intellectual practice based on teleological principles), which gives rise to a further hypothesis: that the anomalous position of sex in these methods, schemes and systems of classification secured it from the general move away from teleological explanation in natural history.


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