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My Mail support

My Mail Upgrade

All mailboxes have now been successfully upgraded!

You can view a list of upgrade FAQs which detail how to resolve any issues you may experience following the upgrade.

My Mail FAQs

How can I access My Mail?
Log in to using your browser with your Username and Password. In My Kingston, click on the envelope icon on the right hand side. (If accessing from home you may need to log in again).

What operating systems and web browsers does the Outlook Web App support?
The Outlook Web App can be used with nearly all web browsers. To get the best experience the following web browsers are recommended:

Operating System Web Browsers
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Internet Explorer 9 and later versions
Chrome 24 and later versions
Firefox 17 and later versions
Mac OS X 10.5
and later version
Safari 6 and later versions
Chrome 24 and later versions
Firefox 17 and later versions
Linux Chrome 24 and later versions
Firefox 17 and later versions

NOTE In previous versions, the Outlook Web App had built-in spell checking. In the upgraded version, the Outlook Web App relies on the web browser for spell checking, which Internet Explorer prior to version 10 doesn’t provide.

Other web browsers (such as Safari on Windows) should also work, but a light version of the Outlook Web App will be opened. See a full list of web browsers that can used with Outlook Web App.

How do I setup up my mobile phone to access My Mail?
There are a number of guides for each mobile device available at the top of this page. Alternatively there is additional help on the Microsoft website, (Note: this is a Microsoft resource and although some of the user guides are based on this information, the University does not necessarily support all of the methods detailed).

In addition, instructions for setting up your mobile device are available within the Outlook Web App by going to:

  • Settingsgear icon> then Office 365 settings > then Get started > and then Phone & tablet.
  • Or, go to Settingsgear icon> then Office 365 settings > then Software > and then Phone & tablet.

What are the advantages of My Mail?
Kingston University’s My Mail service is hosted, that means we can give you an inbox of 50 GB. Therefore you should be able to store all your correspondence with the University without running out of space.

What is conversation view and how can I turn it off?
Conversation view is turned on by default within Outlook Web App, which means that related emails are grouped together so that you can see the replies to an original email.

If you prefer emails not be grouped in this way, the conversation view can be turned off (or on) by clicking on the list view (which will show “Conversations by date” initially) and selecting the “off” option from the dropdown menu under Conservations. Other sort options can be defined within the menu as desired.

How can I automatically forward email to other accounts?

  • From the Inbox screen click on Settingsgear icon> then Options > then connected accounts, enter an email address in the Forward my email to: field and click on the start forwarding button.

Can I add other email accounts to My Mail?
Yes, but this is not supported by Kingston University.

If you would like to connect your other email accounts, i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, so that you don’t need to keep checking several accounts:

  • From the Inbox screen click on Settingsgear icon> then Options > then connected accounts, click on the + icon and enter the email address and password of the account you wish to associate with your My Mail account. Click on next then finish.

Warning: these details will then be stored by Microsoft. If you have any concerns about doing this then do not use this service.

How can I get additional help?
Simply log a call online using the university Service Desk. Alternatively you can also email the Service desk at or phone us Monday – Friday (8am – 5pm) on 020 8417 3355.